Butterfly Gardens – Adding Color and Beauty to Your Surroundings

Adding beautiful butterfly gardens outdoors are just some of the great means to enhance the boring landscapes at home. Some of the popular plant options that are grown to readily attract colourful butterflies are the milkweed and zinnia flowers.

Butterfly Gardens – Common Gardening Tips and Guidelines

There are quite a number of shapes that can be opted in forming butterfly gardens. One of these is the butterfly-shaped garden, which could be easily obtained by creating a pathway that forms the basic figure of a butterfly and then filling in its wings with various flowers. Other options may involve letting the garden form whatever shape it will naturally take over the years. In terms of choosing the color for the butterfly gardens, one may try to mix-and-match different kinds of perennials as well as annuals to give off the garden’s eye-catching effect. For further enhancement, decorative items such as small benches, garden art, and colored stones can be added on certain spots in the garden.

Butterfly Plants – Most Popular Flower Options

The capacity of the butterfly plants to attract a wide variety of butterfly species is just one of the basic considerations in picking the kind of plants to grow in the garden. Some of these nectar and easy-to-grow plants opted in butterfly gardening are the milkweed and bee balm. The latter is famous for its bright orange floras that could lure different kinds of butterflies like the Monarchs and Red Admirals, while the former generally appeals to Checkered White butterfly specie. The other widely held butterfly plants to include in the garden are the zinnias, which could readily entice the Zebra Longwing and the Painted Lady butterflies.

Butterfly Flower – Other Gardening Ideas

The gorgeous flowers that can be grown in the garden are the Purple Coneflower and the Butterfly Bush plants. The latter is a stunning butterfly flower that could instantly attract the Wood Nymphs, while the former tends to lure the Pipevine and Polydamus butterflies. The other prevalent gardening selections are the hollyhock and the passion flower. The hollyhock butterfly flowers are tall biennials that facilitates survival of Painted Lady butterflies, while the passion flower are ideal for the Gulf Fritillary and Zebra Longwing caterpillars. The joe pye weed plants, on the other hand, have vanilla-scented rosy pink blossoms which could easily draw several types of swallowtail butterflies.

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