Dahlia Flowers – Get to Know the Lovely Blooms

The elegance and vivid colors of the dahlias make them an exceptional choice for wedding ceremony and other special events. They are found in various sizes and find it difficult to thrive in extreme cold weather.

Dahlia Flowers – Varied Sizes and Colors

Known for its diverse size, form and color, dahlia flowers grow best in well watered but well drained humus rich soil with plenty of bright sunlight. They do not adapt well to freezing temperatures. These flowers can be grown from tubers, cuttings or even seeds. Dahlia flowers come in different hues like red, orange, yellow, pink, white and sometimes in a mixture of two or more colors. The blooming time for dahlia is from midsummer to the onset of frost. According to their size, these flowers are categorized as giant having 10 inches diameter, large with 8-10 inches diameter, medium having 6-8 inches diameter, small with 4-6 inches diameter, miniature with 2-4 inches and mignon having less than 2 inches in diameter. Pests like slugs and snails can prove to be very detrimental for dahlias.

Red Dahlia – For Decorative Purposes

Gardeners often grow dahlia exclusively for decorative purposes while others grow them for cut flowers for artistic blossom arrangement. Red dahlia is one such flower, which is grown by the gardeners for ornamental purposes. For special events and weddings dahlia of stunning red shades is generally preferred by the people. The symmetrical shape and striking color with unique pointed petals make the red dahlia an ideal choice for many. These flowers blossom from the month of June to the beginning of October. During this long bloom period these lovely flowers are seen in special occasions like community meetings and church services. These blossoms when cut for bouquets and flower arrangements at a premature stage, effectively develops in water.

White Dahlia – Widely Used in Weddings

Shaped in a geometric pattern, dahlias are circular and give out bow shaped petals. White dahlia may have single or numerous rows of petals and can vary in size. They have eye-catching dark green foliage and are usually grown once a year. Dahlia tubers should be planted horizontally in the dug holes with eyes pointing upwards. A mixture of compost, bone meal and dolomite lime and regular watering help the sprout to emerge from the soil. Care should be taken while watering because excessive wet soil can rot the tubers. Fresh cut white dahlia blooms are widely used in wedding ceremony, parties, get-togethers, etc. In flower arrangements, the cut dahlia blossoms should be hydrated for at least 12-24 hours before arranging in a bouquet.

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