Daisy Plant – Practical Tips for Growth and Maintenance

Daisies are every gardener’s dream as it comes in abundant colors and varieties and grows without much care and maintenance. One can plant different varieties of daisies indoors as well as outdoors and make their home and garden look more pleasant and lively.

Daisy Plant – The Best Way to Beautify Your Home

Daisies are popular among plant lovers because of their vibrant hues and types. Shasta daisies with white petals and a yellow centre are the most commonly found type of daisies. Yet another variety of readily available daisy plant is Gloriosa daisies with yellow petals and a brown core. Some other forms of daisies like English daisies and Gerbera daisies are observed to grow in clusters and produce daisies of different colors like red, orange, pink, purple, etc. Other rare varieties of daisies include African daisy, Kingfisher daisy, Sunshine daisy, Paris daisy, Giant daisy, Livingstone daisy, Butter daisy etc. These varieties of daisy plants can be used for outdoor gardening as well as inside homes.

Daisy Bush – Growing and Maintaining

It is ideal to plant a daisy bush in pot first and then transfer it outdoors. Plant seeds or a plant in a pot and keep it indoors for some months. It grows very fast and does not require regular watering either. Once the plant has grown in size substantially, you can shift it outside to a spot with partial shade and sunlight. This is when the daisy bush adapts to the environmental conditions. After a few days you can plant it outside in your garden or backyard. You can also grow daisies indoors in fancy clay pots to beautify your home.

Daisy Garden – Things to Remember

Many have developed a liking towards daisy gardens because they look beautiful, grow easily, requires very less upkeep and can give your home a new makeover. You can make your own garden using your favorite daisies by sowing its seeds or by planting its bushes. You can try planting alternate varieties of daisy plants for a more vivid and colorful garden. Merge the seeds or bushes close together to make your garden look lush. Ensure that you choose an area with soil rich in nutrients, to develop a daisy garden. Also add some manure to the soil before you plant daisies for better development. Ample amount of sunlight is also required for your daisies to flourish.

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