Decorative Planters – The Varied Shapes and Designs

Decorative planters, whether indoor or outdoor, add color and beauty to plants and flowers. They can be made of stone, marble, wood or recycled materials. Planters that are aesthetically appealing may also serve as additional support for pots and smaller plant containers.

Decorative Planters – Outdoor Types

Some of the most exquisite planters are handcrafted and intricately designed. Some outdoor decorative planters also stand as pedestals, heavy and vintage-looking. They can be made of crushed stone, granite polyester resin, styrene or fiberglass, but are quite pricey. Outdoor-type planters that are not made of natural materials are less prone to mold and mildew, and can be easily transferred from one area of the garden to another. Iron and other metal decorative planters are perfect for ferns or flowering plants. They come in symmetrical as well as cursive scroll designs reminiscent of western architecture. Wood plant containers can match outdoor tropical landscapes. Gardeners may opt for fiberglass-crafted types or planters made of real wood, such as bamboo.

Raised Planter – Construction

Raised garden planters can be designed with a flat base or with legs. The first thing to consider when building a raised planter is the preferred size, materials and plants that would be placed in it. After making the desired frame with the aid of galvanized screws and Simpson Strong-tie corner brackets, two two-foot wooden stakes are pounded into the ground to hold the frames into place. Chicken wire may be placed in the bottom of each frame to keep pests such as rodents away from the plants. To make the soil for the raised planter, equal parts of peat moss, manure and top soil are mixed together before they are placed into the frames.

Strawberry Planters – Considerations

Plant containers for strawberries are not hard to find, as they are available in garden supplies stores as well as shops with unique planter designs. They can be made of wood, ceramic, clay, nylon-type fabric or molded plastic. Gardeners looking for strawberry containers should purchase those that easily allow water to access the root of the fruits, and make it easier to pluck the strawberries when they ripen. Since some strawberry planters are compact, they tend to limit air circulation or allow insects and small pests to penetrate. This is an important factor to consider especially when deciding between a sitting or hanging strawberry pot.

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