Fall Gardening – Tips for Cultivating Season Friendly Plants

Fall season is ideal for growing lots of vegetables and crops growing in this season are mostly milder and sweeter. You can cultivate fall crops successfully if you approach it seriously.

Fall Gardening – Preparation of Land and its Importance

You can select ideal crops for fall gardening depending on the space of garden and your preference. Even though the crops such as pepper, okra, sweet potato and tomato need more heat, you can grow these crops till the onset of frosts. If you plant crops such as cucumber, summer squash, snap beans, you can harvest these before winter. The duration of fall is very short so you should select crops for fall gardening accordingly. Before planting crops, you should prepare the soil by removing leftovers of summer/spring crops. Thus, you can prevent the spread of disease and bacteria. You can increase the nutrient level in the soil by adding some compost.

Fall Planting – The Advantages of Fall Season

Success of fall garden depends on timely planting of crops. One of the biggest advantages of fall planting is earlier bloom. If you plant seed in fall season, it starts growing in early spring. During fall, the weather is also favourable so farmers get more time to prepare the land. Controlling weed is also easy during this period because weed remains dormant in fall. Therefore, you can clear the site within short span of time during this season. Fall planting also helps you to remove weeds from the site because they may be small during this period. But during spring season, weeds grow vigorously and you may face difficulties to destroy them.

Fall Vegetable Garden – The Procedures

You can grow a number of vegetables during fall season, which includes cabbage, broccoli, mustard, turnips, kale, etc. You can prepare fall vegetable garden by restoring nutrients. This can be done by applying chemical fertilizer, aged manure or compost. You should conserve moisture in soil by irritating it because seed may not germinate if the soil is dry. In order to conserve moisture, you should plant fall vegetables in shallow trench. The problems of insects are very less during fall season. If there is any, you can use insecticides to kill them. The fall vegetable garden should be a combination of different types of crop families because it is essential for keeping away diseases and pests.

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