Feng Shui Wealth – Chinese Philosophies on Attaining Financial Success

Feng Shui is a practice which finds its roots in ancient China. This practice is based on the belief that by the proper channeling of the energy forces present in nature, we can bring about wealth and prosperity in our lives.

Feng Shui Wealth – Ensuring Prosperity throughout Life

Feng Shui wealth refers to wealth in the form of money, happiness and good health. Feng Shui helps in the proper channelling of the energy known as chi and thus enables us to achieve the desired success. This free flow of positive energy can be achieved by following some Feng shui principles of arrangement of objects and furniture and by making use of certain feng shui talismans. The three legged frog, wind chimes, crystals and the feng shui wealth vase are some elements which helps in enhancing Feng Shui wealth. The arrangement of these elements at the prescribed wealth areas at your home and work place will attract the feng shui energies of wealth and prosperity.

Feng Shui Living – the Way to a Prosperous Life

Feng Shui living practices can make your home to bustle with positive energy and therby pave way for wealthh and prosperity. One of the main principles of feng shui living is to eliminate unnecessary clutter. Place the feng shui talisman of the three legged frog at the left side of the entrance door to your house. Add water elements to your house like a fountain or picture of a water body to symbolize the free flow of energy and opportunities. In addition, place a wealth vase filled with items which represent wealth like money, coins or soil in the south east corner of your bedroom. You can also hang wind chimes at the entrance of your house as they are supposed to be the bearers of good fortune.

Feng Shui Office – Practices for Career Success

Feng Shui office practices can be used in your work place to bring about success in your career. According to feng Shui ideologies, a bowl of fresh water and potted plants placed in the eastern side of your work area will help in bringing about success in your work. Keep your work area uncluttered and clean always so as to allow the undisturbed flow of thoughts and energy. Your work desk should be placed in such a position that it is well inside the room and is facing the door. You can also place a paper weight made of crystal in the far right corner of your desk which is supposed to be the wealth area.

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