Planting Tulips – The Bulbous Plants with Showy Flowers

Knowing what factors allow tulips to thrive is helpful in planting tulips. They should be planted in areas that have enough sunlight despite cold climates and fast drainage.

Planting Tulips – Choosing High-quality Bulbs

Growing cut-flower plants, such as planting tulips, have aesthetic value as well as an economic value for some. For them to be successful, an enthusiast should choose high-quality bulbs that don’t have bruises, cuts or mold. They should also be chosen for variety because each variety offers a different performance. A mild-winter tulip won’t grow well when it is planted in a location or region where winters seldom or never reach freezing temperatures but they can still grow. The strong stems of Darwin Hybrids and Single Late varieties tolerate wind and rain and buds are visible before hot or spring weather. Planting tulips in milder climates is also possible, depending on the variety planted.

Tulip Flowers – Showy Perennials

When using flowers in landscaping, it is essential to remember the behavior and characteristic of tulip flowers. They are perennial, bulbous plants with showy flowers which make a stunning display when planted in rows or in abundance. Based on their species, tulip flowers are usually cup-shaped or star-shaped with three petals and three sepals. Most bear a single flower in a single stem in different hues. Their classification is also based on their flower morphology and the seasons in which they bloom. Early flowering tulips bloom in March and early April. Midseason flowering tulips bloom in April and early May while late flowering ones blossom in May.

Tulip Gardens – Spring Displays

Planting tulip gardens entail that the planter knows what is possible given the planting space and what one wants to enhance or achieve through tulips. It is likewise helpful to know the requirements of the tulips to be planted such as the type of soil they thrive on and how much sunlight they need. One should also consider when they start to bud, in what colors and the density of tulips to be grown. Their flowering can signal the start of the spring season. When they blossom in different months, one gets a floral display for a long time. Combining them with other plants bring out their colors but be sure to combine them with plants that allow the tulips enough sunlight to flower.

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