A Low Fat Diet – Ideal Weight Reduction Plan

A low fat diet is a step towards weight loss. However a low fat diet works best when used along with an exercise routine and a healthy lifestyle.

A Low Fat Diet – Lowering Daily Caloric Intake

A weight loss diet is not necessarily a diet that is devoid of fats altogether. A low fat diet, is unusually lower in calories and harmful fats, while still containing some amount of fats. A healthy weight loss plan should consist of a low fat diet that includes foods from all the food groups. Cutting calories drastically, by removing all sources from energy from your diet may not serve your weight loss plans well. A low fat diet should ideally contain large amounts of fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients but low in fats and carbohydrates. It should also be devoid of deep fried foods and foods that contain large quantities of fats.

Low Fat Diet Plan – Choose Your Food Carefully

A weight loss diet is one which contains healthy foods from all food groups. To make a healthy low fat diet plan for weight loss, include whole cereals such as whole wheat grains, oats, high fiber breakfast cereals, brown rice and whole grain pasta. Avoid white flours, white rice and processed foods like croissants, flaky pastries and cakes. Almost all fruits and vegetables are healthy for you, but you may choose to avoid starchy vegetables such as okra, yams and potatoes or high calorie fruits such as bananas and mangoes. For non-vegetarians, a low fat diet plan should include white meats like fish and poultry. Avoid consuming red meats and fatty cuts like the breast and porterhouse cuts. Consume only egg whites and skimmed milk or low fat cheeses.

Low Fat Food – Ideal for Weight Loss

Foods are considered low in fat when they contain less than 3 grams of fat per serving. All food groups contain some foods which are low in fats and cholesterol. Some of the most well-known low fat food items are lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, egg whites, skimmed milk and white meats. If you are consuming processed foods, read the nutritional labels of the food before consuming it. Some foods like mayonnaise, ranch dressings, margarines and butter have hidden fats, so avoid them as best as you can. Also avoid hydrogenated fats which are high in transfats and saturated fats – both of which are very unhealthy.

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