No Carb Diets – A Complete Animal Source Food Diet

A no carb diet is a ketogenic form of diet that requires the majority of food consumption to come from animal sources. It highly requires ingesting of foods rich in protein and saturated fats. This means that the dieter is advised to only eat meat and fish.

No Carb Diets – Quick Weight Loss Plan

The no carb diets are diet plans that require the dieter to eat food that have no carbohydrates. If combined with exercises and physical activities, this diet plan has the capability to quickly decrease your body weight. In fact, it can lower your weight for as much as 25 lbs. in one month. However, since these no carb diets inhibit the dieter from ingesting a substance that is essential to have a healthy body, this diet plan should only be limited to not more than four weeks. If properly done, you should have lost at least 20 to 25 lbs. by then provided that it is combined with an exercises or a workout plan. Once this period has passed, you can shift to a more moderate low-carb diet which generates a less effective weight loss plan. The no carb plan is a good option if you need to lose weight fast.

No Carb Food – Limited Choices

This particular diet is not easy to follow because there is only a limited selection of no carb food. One of the best choices of food with no carbohydrates is meat; while it has zero-carbohydrates, meat is the best source of protein. Since you are deterring your body to receive carbs which is required to produce energy, loading up on protein can somehow replace the body’s carb deficiency. The kinds of meats that are considered no carb food are chicken breasts, tuna, veal and turkey. You can boil, grill or bake these meats but do not ever fry them. Egg whites have no carbohydrates as well. You can also eat in moderation foods that are low in carbohydrates like yogurt, soy products, vegetable and sprouts. The only beverage that you should consider drinking is water. However, herbal teas and decaffeinated drinks may also be taken moderately.

No Carb Diet Menu – Human Carnivorism

Following a no carb diet menu is one of your best options if you want to shed pounds, fast. Typically, your breakfast may be composed of cereal, one cup of blueberries, boiled or poached eggs and a glass of water (with pinch of honey if desired). For lunch, one cup of vegetable salad, boiled chicken and a small portion of avocado or papaya. In boiling the chicken, you can use some spices like cilantro and oregano, herbs and a dash of salt; never use dressing or any condiments because it contains trans-fat and preservatives. For Dinner, Grilled or boiled vegetable, some beans, boiled meat or tuna and a small portion of fruit like papaya or avocado. Remember to load up with lots of water in between meals and after every meal. A no carb diet menu like this can make a dieter lose at least twenty pounds in four weeks.

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