Cottage Cheese Diet – A Tasty and Healthy Way To Lose Weight

Cottage cheese is popular amongst dieters and health food devotees. Weightlifters and bodybuilders use it because of high protein content and low fat. Cottage cheese diet is a 3 day diet plan and has proved successful and efficient in helping people lose weight.

Cottage Cheese Diet – Tips to Follow During the Plan

Amongst most or all dairy products, cottage cheese when made from skim milk is low in fat. Cottage cheese diet gives the dieter a generous dose of protein with less calories. However, people tend to deviate from the cottagecheese diet plan simply because this primary food is bland and unpalatable beyond a period of time. However, you can make it interesting by combining it with other products or by using right seasoning. Cottage cheese diet plan incorporates grapefruit that has loads of fat burning enzymes. Breakfast typically constitutes black coffee or black tea with cottage cheese, bread and a grapefruit. Cottage cheese with bread and a grapefruit constitute lunch and for dinner; you can take cottage cheese, vegetable salad, grapefruit and a cup of ice cream. Low fat cottage cheese can be combined with fruits like pineapples, peaches, blueberries and strawberries to add taste and nutrients to your meal. Regular tea, coffee and alcohol should be avoided while following this plan and exercising is vital to derive quick benefits.

Cottage Cheese Nutrition – Facts and Figures

One cup of cottage cheese contains 25 to 31g of proteins, less than 3g of carbohydrates and 3 to 8g of fat. This versatile food is an excellent source of protein and is available in fat and non-fat versions. Cottage cheese nutrition is known to many especially after the diet plan became popular. There is no presence of dietary fiber but 6g of sugar is present in cottage cheese. Both non-fat and low fat versions are considered to be heart healthy by the American Heart Association. One serving of this cheese has 15g cholesterol. Cottage cheese nutrition facts also educate people on the abundance of calcium and vitamin A present in it. It comprises of 4 percent of daily suggested amount for vitamin A and 15 percent of calcium. Therefore, it helps to strengthen bones when consumption is combined with resistance training workouts. However, it is high in sodium and hence it is critical to look for varieties that are low in sodium.

Cottage Cheese Calories – Low and Nutritive

Cottage cheese is primarily made from milk. It may be quite puzzling to learn that cottage cheese calories are low despite being a quintessential dairy product. The amount of fat in cottage cheese is primarily dependent upon the type of milk used. One serving of cottage cheese with 2 percent milk contains 90 calories and 20 from fat. There is totally 2.5g of fat or 4 percent of the suggested daily value. A 4oz serving (113g) of cottage cheese has 116 calories and total fat of 5.1g. There is saturated fat of about 3.2g which is one of the not-so-positive aspects of this food. Cottage cheese is low in sugar and high in phosphorous and selenium that are essential for the body. When combined with the right fruits or condiments, cottage cheese can make an excellent dish.

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