Fish Nutrition – The Facts and Figures

Fish is richly endowed with essential nutrients which keep our health in perfect shape. There are two types of fishes that are usually consumed. These are white-flesh fishes and oily rich fishes, and nutritional value varies from type to type.

Fish Nutrition – Incredible Nutritional Attributes

Oily fishes are exceptional amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids. Our body cannot produce EFA’s or essential fatty acids and hence these must be taken to maintain dietary balance. Omega 3 fatty acids induce polyunsaturated fats in your system. These fats boost cell repair, helps regenerate the nervous and cardio vascular systems. Fish nutrition improves memory in the long run. Oily fishes which have good resource of fatty acids are herrings, anchovies, tuna, mackerel and sardines. White fishes are abundant sources of Vitamin B3 and B6. This means white fish nutrients provide the body with niacin and pyridoxine. These agents instigate growth of healthy cells and proactively helps create red blood cells, fortifies the nervous system and improves skin texture.

Calories in Fish – Low Fat Food

For people who have issues of weight gain, fishes are great consumables, much better than meat and poultry. White flesh fishes like cod or haddock are practically fat free while calories in fish-types like perch, sole and bass have very little fat. This is why dieticians prescribe fish as a part of low fat diet plan. Steamed 100 gm of bass has a calorie content of about 125. Similarly 100gm of sole has close to about 79 calories and hence these sorts of white flesh fish are often part of balanced diet. Even though calories in fish are exceptionally low you must never consume fishes which are deep fried because it will add more calories.

Fish Nutrition Facts – Health Benefits

If we look at fish nutrition facts we find that it is a valuable source of proteins and Vitamin B. Vitamin B is known in the medical world as a stress reducing agent. A regular dose of vitamin B often heals depression and anxiety related disorders. Fish replenishes the body with iodine and selenium. These important minerals reigns thyroid and even deters onset of infections which can cause harrowing diseases like cancer. White fish is especially good because unlike river fishes which are rich in toxins due to exposure to river pollution, white flesh fish found in seas have minor trace of toxins.

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