Grilled Chicken Nutrition – The Health Factors on the Tasty Chicken Recipe

Grilled chicken is a healthy alternative for all health conscious meat lovers. Unlike fried chicken and similar dishes, grilled chicken is made using minimal oil and is hence very healthy.

Grilled Chicken Nutrition – Nutrient Content and Information

Grilled chicken nutrition comprises of considerable amounts of proteins and fats. Unlike other red meats, chicken is lean meat and hence contains least amount of fats. A normal serving of a 4-oz. chicken possesses about 4 g of fat. Moderate portions of such a serving is beneficial for health but it should not consumed in excess. Grilled chicken is a rich source of protein as well. This dish contains about 25 g proteins and total recommended protein for an average human is about 45-56 g. Presence of ample amounts of iron and calcium in grilled chicken nutrition helps maintain the correct haemoglobin levels and also strengthens bones and muscles.

Grilled Chicken Calories – Ways to Lower Calories

A plain portion of grilled chicken contains about 180-200 calories. However this figure might fluctuate depending on the kind of sauces and marinade used in the making of the same. To lower the grilled chicken calories, one can consider cooking the chicken after removing the skin as the skin contains ample amounts of fat. The calorie content also depends on the preparation method and ingredients. Usage of basic seasoning and grilling it without oil will keep the calories low. One can also use olive oil to keep the calories down. However, usage of butter and other fat rich mediums for cooking can elevate grilled chicken calories.

Healthy Grilled Chicken – Tips

This is a good protein alternative for those on various weight loss programs as it is very low on calories and fat content. However, large portions of this meat can elevate the levels of bad cholesterol in the body and increase the chances of acquiring heart related ailments and obesity. You can make healthy grilled chicken in microwave or on a grill. Usage of herbs like sage, rosemary, thyme, etc. can elevate its nutritional value and taste quotient. Grilled chicken can be made using ingredients of all kinds as it has a tendency to adapt the taste of its ingredients.

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