Lentils Nutrition – A Staple Legume for the Vegans

Packed with essential nutrients, lentils can reverse harrowing bodily deficiencies which might plague people with disturbing diseases. Vitamins, minerals and proteins are ample in this food grain and hence it is an effective weapon against several disorders.

Lentils Nutrition – Nourishment Supplier

Lentils can provide the body with high levels of energy as proteins are abundantly found. Certain amino acids like isoleucine and lysine are present in exceptional quantities. This is why lentils nutrition is often highly recommended for those who are vegetarians. Sprouted lentils contain amino acids methionine and cysteine although these two important components are missing in regular variants. It also has very high levels of dietary fiber, iron, folate and Vitamin B. Lentils nutrition solve problems such as constipation, heart problems, disorders arising from iron deficiencies etc. Moreover it also contains thiamine, phosphorous, manganese and copper.

Calories In Lentils – Calorie Count

100 gm of lentils contains roughly 230 calories. However many different kinds of lentils are found and thus calories vary. According to a survey one cup supplies the body with 191 calories of which 106 calories come from carbohydrates and the rest of the calories are supplied equally by fats and proteins. Methods of preparation influence calories in lentils. While lightly prepared soups have high nutrition and controlled calories, preparations made with excessive oil add calories. Calories in lentils prompt experts to suggest limited intake to those who have a tendency to add mass and grow obese. However green variants are rich in dietary fiber and acts as a fat scraper. Therefore green lentils can be safely consumed by those who are vying to lose kilos.

Lentils Nutrition Facts – Countering Illnesses

Consumption of lentils can systematically cure type 2 diabetes, cholesterol and cardiac problems. Green lentils contain dietary fibers both soluble and insoluble. The soluble fibers attack cholesterol and cleanse it out of system while insoluble fibers add bulk to stool curing constipation and improving metabolism. Also lentils nutrition facts show that coronary heart disorders are much low among people who regularly take lentils. Researches prove that folate prevents excessive production of homocysteine amino acid which can damage arteries in heart. Moreover magnesium presence blocks formation of calcium deposits in arteries and veins. This is how heart blockages are curtailed in a major way.

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