Orange Juice Nutrition – Enjoy the Benefits of the Citrus Fruit

With its high content of vitamin C, orange juice is a popular drink which graces many a breakfast tables all over the world. Whether consumed with pulp or without it, this delicious juice has many health benefits as well.

Orange Juice Nutrition – Loaded with Vitamin C

Orange contains a lot of phytonutrient compounds which have anti oxidant properties. These help improve your immune system, slow down the body’s natural ageing mechanisms and lower cholesterol. Orange juice nutrition is further augmented by the fibrous pulp. The juice contains no cholesterol or fats and very low percentage of carbohydrates. Apart from the vitamin C, orange juice nutrition is also valuable since the juice contains high concentrations of sodium, pottasium and magnesium, all of which are necessary for maintaining healthy functioning of various organ systems in your body. Orange juice also has significant quantities of folates and thiamin.

Orange Juice Calories – Weight Watcher’s Delight

One small cup of orange juice, measuring about 8 oz, contains about 110 calories and releases about 460 KJ of energy. Of this, only 3 calories are attributed to fats. A cup of orange juice contains about 0.3 grams of fat and this makes up for about 1% of your total daily caloric intake. Orange juice calories are attributed to 0.1g each of saturated fats, polyunstaruated fats and monounsaturated fats. The total sugars in a cup of orange juice are about 29.54 g, and majority of orange juice’s calories come from the sugar content. Orange juice calories also come from 0.1 g of protein present in the fruit.

Benefits of Orange Juice – for a Healthier You

Orange juice is loaded with vitamins and minerals, all of which have some role to play in your body’s functioning. Orange juice, due to its low caloric count, is ideal for those who are watching their weight. This low calorie juice contains lots of vitamins and minerals and helps you reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and stroke. If you consume your orange juice with pulp, you also get the added benefit of soluble fibers. Vitamin C is known to improve immunity. It is also beneficial for your heart and your skin. Since Orange juice contains many antioxidants, the benefits of orange juice also include a significant lowering of the risk of developing cancer.

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