Steak Nutrition – The Healthy Side of the Tasty Delicacy

Steak is certainly a delightful and pleasing part of meal for a number of people. Adding this type of food to your diet does not only provide you diversity to your meals but also great tastes and nutritional goodness.

Steak Nutrition – Things You Should Know

Steak is cooked in many different ways. Aside from its delicious taste, steak nutrition is a very valuable part of this meat that is definitely healthy. The high amount of nutrients that are loaded to the steak is the main reason why you should not avoid consuming this meat at all costs especially if you are on some kind of diet. Included to the list of steak nutrition is its high level of protein that is absorbed and used for growth. This protein has all the nine crucial amino acids needed by the body. Also included to the list of steak nutrition are the various vitamins and minerals important for healthy body. These include vitamins B, B6, and B12, niacin, riboflavin, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and iron.

Calories in Steak – According to Serving

Steak does not contain high amount of saturated fats and cholesterol. This meat, naturally, also does not contain carbohydrates. So generally, all of the calories in steak come from fats, protein and other nutrients that are present in the meat itself. The amount of fats that is present in the steak greatly affects the total calories. For instance, serving 3 oz of top round lean steak will give you approximately 178 calories. Serving same amount of fatty prime rib steak, on one hand, will provide you about 258 calories. Meanwhile, calculation for calories in steak is around 170 per 100 grams of serving. A good size of this meat is usually at 450 grams approximately.

Steak Nutrition Facts – Additional Information

One of the most interesting steak nutrition facts is that this meat when taken in moderation and smaller serving size has calories that are considerably lower than salmon. So consuming a sensible sized serving of steak will not definitely affect your calorie count. Another interesting steak nutrition fact is that specific nutrient profiles differ according to the cut of meat. For example, prime rib steak is high in vitamin B12 (23% of daily value), vitamin B6 (21% of daily value), and niacin (28% of daily value). Meanwhile, top round steak has more riboflavin (13% of daily value) and vitamin B12 (38% of daily value), but lesser amounts of vitamin B6 (12% of daily value), and niacin (16% of daily value).

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