Bagel Nutrition – The Goodness of the Baked Food

Bagels are great stomach-fillers and are mostly consumed during breakfast along with milk and eggs. Different forms of bagels exist, some of which are taken as appetizers while others with sugary coatings and creamy toppings flavored with nuts and raisins are taken as desserts.

Bagel Nutrition – Goodness of Bagel

Regular bagels are not as good as whole wheat bagels. The reason being that regular bagels are made from processed grains and processed grains seldom retain essential nutrients such as bran and germs. This is why it is important that we always get different forms of whole grain bagels readily available everywhere. Bagel nutrition facts dictate that if we intend to consume bagels for a substantial time we must procure those, which are made from whole grains of rye, wheat, brown rice, oats, millet and maize. These are fibrous intakes that will improve metabolism and restore health by killing hypertension, type II diabetes and heart diseases. Whole grain bagel nutrition helps you sustain a healthy and fruitful life.

Calories in Bagel – Quintessential Facts

Regular bagels are really very high in calories hovering somewhere within 300 to 400. Calories in bagel dipped in syrups or coated with berries, raisins, ham, bacon and eggs are far more. For those who are troubled with weight gain these delights must be shunned at all costs. Calories in bagel made from whole wheat are quite low and weight-watchers can safely consume these. The moot point however, is to determine which ones are truly made from whole grains as bagel producers use gimmicks of promotion to advertise whole grain bagels which in reality are made of processed grains.

Bagel Nutrition Facts – Health Boosters

Sodium, Calcium and carbohydrates are plenty in bagels. It also has traces of saturated fat, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat. Moreover bagels are also great sources of dietary fiber, which are stomach fillers and cleansers. Experts believe that since regular bagels have high calories you must not have more than one in a day. However, whole grain bagels are not as unhealthy and fatty and hence you might consume a few in a day. Bagel nutrition facts tell us that bagels kills hunger and hence whole grain bagels feature as preferred items on a breakfast table of those who wish to retrain weight gain.

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