Greek Yoghurt – The Protein Rich Dairy Product

Aside from being a savoury, and sweet treat, Greek yogurt is becoming popular in the Western world due to its taste and many health benefits.

Greek Yoghurt – The Strained, Protein Rich Yogurt

Known also as strained yogurt, yogurt cheese, and labneh, Greek yogurt undergoes a series of straining processes which filters out the whey, resulting in a very thick, and almost cheesy consistency. This kind of yogurt is made by using either cow, or sheep’s milk, and is enriched by an additional content of powdered milk, or butterfat. Aside from being a staple in its home country, Greek yogurt is widely used in Middle Eastern countries; it may be used as a filler for pastries, eaten with olives and bread, formed into balls with herb toppings, or dried and eaten with khubz (unleavened Arabic bread).

Greek Yogurt Nutrition – Healthy Snack Facts

Understanding Greek yogurt nutrition will make one more knowledgeable on the benefits of its consumption. Greek yogurt has higher protein contents as compared with the usual plain and low-fat varieties, which have around 10-12 grams of protein; this type of yogurt can reach an average of twenty grams. Another surprising fact about Greek yogurt nutrition is its low carbohydrate levels; regular brands contain an average of 16 grams of carbs while the Greek variety contains 9 grams or even less. Another important thing about this yogurt is that, it has 50% less sodium than the regular brands, plus, it is also rich in probiotics, making it gentle on the stomach, and easier to digest, most beneficial to those suffering from lactose intolerance.

Greek Yogurt Calories – Counting and Burning Guide

Although it has been regarded by most as an ideal health food, it is still important to count the number of Greek yogurt calories in order to properly incorporate in the diet. Depending on the brand, the amount of calories on regular Greek yogurt ranges from 100 to 150 calories; nonfat yogurt may have slightly lower calories, it ranges from 80 to 90 calories only. With that said, this may be eaten with fresh fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, apples, and bananas since these will help in burning off extra calories. In order to shed of the calories of regular yogurt, it will take around twenty minutes of walking, or fifteen minutes on an elliptical machine.

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