Bangkok Attractions – Find Your Areas of Interest

Bangkok offers travelers a myriad of choices which range from the cultural and historic landmarks to the contemporary and relaxing clubs and bars. It is also a haven for shopaholics.

Bangkok Attractions – Sights to See and Behold

During a Bangkok visit, you get to see several sights and experiences for anyone wishing to see what Asian culture is like. The major Bangkok attractions include the Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw which house the administrative seat of the Thai government. What makes them attractive are their detailed architecture. It is also home to the Emerald Buddha which was carved from a single block of emerald. Also, one of the busy but pleasing Bangkok attractions is Chinatown. It becomes more festive during the Chinese New Year and the Vegetarian Festival in October with all the Chinese rituals performed for good luck and cleansing. A lot of tourists also flock to the floating market with wooden boats selling fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Nightlife in Bangkok – Spending the Night

Safety is not a problem in Bangkok even at night. Nightlife in Bangkok offers live music, jazz bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Travelers can enjoy a dinner cruise on the Chao Praya River which provides a good vantage point for watching Bangkok’s historic landmarks at night while journeying along the river. For others, they can head to the Patpong district where one can choose to enter a wide number of bars with different attractions. They include performances with musical accolades and impressive costumes. Nightlife in Bangkok can also be spent in any of the rooftop bars proffering various cuisines, settings and vistas.

Bangkok Markets – Shopping Haven

Bangkok presents different alternatives to shopping. Bangkok markets are not limited to shopping malls but can also be found in alleys that sell accessories, electronic goods, agricultural products and kitsches. Aside from items which can be bought at these places, one can also savor the life of locals as well as food not usually served in restaurants. Bangkok is also famous for its vibrant night markets and the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Tourists may get lost in this large and diverse market but its alleyways are clustered into sections making it easier to find one’s way through the stalls and the crowd. Bangkok markets sell clothing, handicrafts, ceramics, home decoration, furniture, food and beverage, plants, gardening tools, books, pets, artwork and antiques.

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