Beauty Makeover – Change the Way You Look

One way to beautifully transform one’s appearance is through a good makeover which will definitely make a woman look younger, fresher, and more beautiful. Usually, this includes the basics on makeup tones, blushing, and eye and lip makeup.

Beauty Makeover – Basic Makeup Guidelines

For women with blemished skin, the proper use of makeup tones is the key to their great beauty makeover. It typically begins by applying moisturizer to the entire face and neck areas, followed by the use of liquid concealer to hide red or dark spots, and liquid highlighter for under-eye circle lightening. Perform a quick cheek test and then apply the foundation closest to one’s own skin tone. Blushing, on the other hand, involves starting at the hairline just right above the cheek bone then sweeping forward. Another important beauty makeover tip concerns the right application of eye makeup. It generally involves the use of light shades of eye-shadow on the lids, slightly darker hue for the eye bone, and the application of black eyeliner atop the eye.

Beauty Makeup – Secrets Revealed

There are many tricks involved in an impressive beauty makeup. These include the techniques involved in narrowing one’s nose as well as elongating one’s eyes. The latter entails the use of a powder with three different darker shades than one’s natural skin tone, and a contouring powder brush. Here, the sides of the nose are shaded and blended using the contour brush, a straight line on both sides are then created, and then gently buffed. Moreover, the beauty makeup trick involved in achieving the more exotic elongated eyes is the use of black or brown eyeliner that is carefully utilized to create a thin winged-shape line near the lash line.

Face Makeover – Tips

Some of the eye makeup tips used for a beautiful face makeover includes the use of cream eyeliner surrounding the eye’s inner rim, as well as curling the eyelashes to show off the impression of larger eyes. To avoid creasing, primer has to be used on the eyelids before applying the eye-shadow instead of moisturizer. Now, the makeup tips for the lips include the use of paler lipsticks to make the lips seem fuller or darker colors to make it look smaller. To make the lipstick applied glide on easily and last longer, it is important that the lips are lightly exfoliated and moisturized prior to the application of the color. Finally, the face makeover tip on the use of foundation, blush and concealer is being able to not overdo any of it because less is best.

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