Body Exfoliation – The Facts and Necessities Behind the Process

Removing old and dead cells by having regular body exfoliation is wonderful for the skin as it gets rejuvenated and while feeling smooth. The exfoliation job leaves a feeling of freshness and young skin that lingers for quite some time.

Body Exfoliation – Benefits of the Process

There are a host of benefits of having regular body exfoliation which include skin rejuvenation, skin firming, toning and fresh glow for the skin. There are different intensities of exfoliation which have to be spaced adequately on a weekly and monthly basis to derive the maximum benefits from it. By removing the dead cells from the surface not only is the skin revitalised, additionally the surface pores get de clogged and are able to breathe properly which is great for the health of the skin. This regular removal of the dead cells helps in accelerating the renewal process which is a biological phenomenon that is essential for firmness of the surface. The other most significant benefit of body exfoliation is that it prevents formation of age lines and wrinkles.

Exfoliating Face – Practical Ways

Home based methods of exfoliating face by one’s self are easy and simple processes contrary to the popular belief. Effective exfoliation can be achieved by first moisturizing the face with water for adequate time prior to applying the exfoliating cream using synthetic gloves. Ensure that the cream being used is meant for exclusive use on the face and has minimal quantities of pumice which can be harmful. Apply and scrub in circular motions avoiding the sensitive skin under the eyes which may get abraded in the process. Rinsing should always be done with cold water as hot water is harsh n the facial skin. Exfoliating face process must include application of a suitable moisturizer containing aloha and beta hyroxy acids that will further continue removal of the dead cells.

Skin Exfoliation – Natural Methods

There are many wonderful natural means of skin exfoliation which reduce the harmful effects of strong chemicals contained in commercial products. Cloth soaked in milk when applied over the skin for sufficient time can provide excellent results without any side effects. A combination of olive oil with white sugar is suitable for exfoliation of the entire body. Apart from removing the dead cells this combination also helps in keeping the skin moisturized. Blending oatmeal with lavender blossoms creates a superb scrub solution which leaves the entire body feeling smooth and fragrant. These natural means along with the safety from harsh chemicals also imply considerable savings due to their overall low costs.

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