Fairness Creams – Helping you Improve the Skin Complexion

Creams marketed to make the skin look more radiant are not always effective in the long run and must be chosen wisely. There are several natural compounds on the market that can protect the skin from negative reactions to makeup, while making the skin lighter and brighter.

Fairness Creams – Natural Compounds

Biowhite is a compound which contains extracts from grape, mulberry and other botanical ingredients that make the skin fairer and more luminous. Another natural compound that can make fairness creams more effective is gigawhite, which has been clinically proven to reduce age spots in addition to being a skin brightener. Hyaluronic acid, meanwhile, induces skin fairness by hydrating and moisturizing it. People seeking to minimize skin pigmentation should look for fairness creams with sepiwhite, a compound that blocks the production of the enzyme tyrosinase that plays a role in the formation of melanin. Alpha Arbutin reduces skin pigmentation by inhibiting the amino acids tyrosine and dopa, which are also linked to melanin production.

Best Fairness Cream – Features

Dermagevity’s LumnaSkin has biowhite, gigawhite, hyaluronic acid and grape seed extract to brighten and lighten the skin. Effective on all skin types, LumnaSkin can address melasma, acne marks, hyperpigmentation, and age and sun spots. Also considered one of the best fairness cream products is Cosmelan, a depigmentation pack from The Body_esthetic Laboratories Group in Spain. Its ingredients include tyrosinol complex, kojic acid and vitamin C. Cosmelan is known to even out the skin tone and eliminate skin blemishes, and boost skin luminosity. Makari De Suisse Skin Care developed the best fairness cream brand made from caviar that eliminates lines and crow’s feet while moisturizing the skin.

Fairness Cream for Men – Options

Research showed that Men Science Androceuticals’ Pigmentation Repair Formula minimizes age spots, dark blemishes and skin discoloration with its retinol, kojic acid, glycolic acid and vitamin C ingredients. A highly recommended fairness cream for men, this product enhances the natural skin tone of the user instead of bleaching, and also soothes and softens the skin. Burt’s Bees made a shaving cream that is made of natural ingredients including glycerin and coconut oil formulated to reduce blemishes and keeps the skin smooth and moist. Neoteric Cosmetics came up with Alpha Hydrox, which contains lactic acid and glycolic acid that trigger skin whitening specifically for men.

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