Facial Spa – Pamper Yourself with Amazing Spa Treatments

Spa treatment for the face is an exceptional way to treat yourself and your psyche luxuriously. The results are exemplary and last for a long time as compared with the other treatments. Many varieties of spa treatments are available depending on the skin type of the individual.

Facial Spa – Ways to Nurture the facial skin

There are many ways to get your face pampered through facial spa. Glycolic facial treatment is a light, chemical peel facial treatment, suitable for any skin type and should be the first spa treatment for the starters. The glycolic acid peels off the dead layers on the skin surface thereby smoothen thin lines and wrinkles on the face. It is also used for acne treatments. The collagen facial treatment smoothen your skin with the help of collagen cream that is used for massaging. It requires a pretreatment which prepares the facial skin to absorb the collagen completely during the massaging period. The micro- current is a non invasive facial treatment that helps to facial toning and face lifting. The micro-dermabrasion facial uses a suction device that breaks down aluminum oxide crystals, and other vitamin crystals thereby helping the skin to produce collagen on its own. European facial spa helps in removing black heads, white heads and other facial scars.

Acne Facials – Best Home Acne Treatments

There are different types of acne facials depending on the nature of the skin of the individual. There are many ways to treat acne naturally by using stuffs that are available at home. Sandal wood dust and rose water can make an ideal anti acne medicine. Mix these to make a paste and apply all over the face and let it dry for about thirty minutes. Then wash the skin preferably with clean, warm water. It has to be continued every alternate day for complete acne removal. Mix gram flour, turmeric powder and milk in 2:2:1 ratio and when it is applied on the face, aid in skin disinfection as well as serve as a complete acne cure. Oatmeal can serve as an acne remedy too. Oatmeal powder and water can be mixed to form a paste which can be applied as a facial mask for treating acne. Fuller’s earth is an excellent product for acne facial. It can be applied like a mask and washed carefully to get rid of acne.

Facial Waxing – For Beautiful Smooth Skin

Facial waxing removes the unwanted hairs from the face using waxing products, although it can also be done using natural products. Depending on the coarseness of the hair, hair lightening or hair bleaching can be a better alternative to waxing, although the result may not be as outstanding as waxing. They are done in salons in a professional way, or it can be done at home for financial reasons. A warm wax is applied over the hairs on the face, which is then pulled with the help of a dry, sterile cloth. The main advantage of waxing is that it removes the hairs from the roots and the hair re-growth takes quite a long time. Some people might experience slight tenderness or redness over the waxed area which can be treated using a cold compress or with cold water.

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