North Korea Tourism – A Visit to the Controversial Land

A visit to the country of North Korea can be a precarious experience, largely because of its repressive communist regime. However the wide range of sightseeing activities makes taking a trip to North Korea worthwhile.

North Korea Tourism – Appealing Destinations

North Korea does not have a particularly positive reputation, primarily because of its affiliation with nuclear arms and dictatorial government. However, North Korea tourism is still popular, especially in the capital city of Pyongang. The city of Pyongang is famous for its distinctive Korean architecture and numerous willow trees. The city also ranks high on any North Korea tourism agenda because of its marvelous tourist attractions. These attractions include the Mansudae Art Studio, the USS Pueblo and Party Foundation Monument. You can also find a wide variety of excellent hotels in as well as around the city center of Pyongang such as the Koryo Hotel and the Yangakkdo Hotel.

Visit North Korea – Important Precautions

The nation of North Korea is characterized by tyrannical state rule over all aspects of public life. If you wish to visit North Korea, then you should do so only in a designated tour group. You should remember to dress in a conservative fashion at all times. You should not wear clothes which depict South Korean or American imagery. If you dress neatly as well as formally then you will not feel out of place. If you are a business traveler or a diplomat, then you should avoid giving green headgear as a gift when you visit North Korea as it implies marital discord. You should also mouth your words with utmost precaution and be sure that you do not say something that may be regarded as offensive.

North Korea Travel – Some Essential Facts

North Korea can be a very difficulty country to visit as it has a very restrictive attitude towards tourism. If you are thinking about embarking on North Korea travel then you should apply for your visa from any third party country. A good example of such a country would be China. If you are traveling from North America, then it is likely that you will be subjected to arrest and detainment. You should consider residing only at the capital city of Pyongang during your North Korea travel. This is the only place where you will find westernized accommodation and friendly attitude to tourists.

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