South Korea Tourism – A Tourist Hot Spot

From National parks to historic sites, South Korea sure has plenty to offer. Breathtaking beaches along with several celebrated temples, scenic forests and cultural events keep tourists thrilled and ecstatic.

South Korea Tourism – Hiking and Sightseeing Opportunities

South Korea has about 800 mountains many of which are crisscrossed with hiking trails. Often most trails terminate near spectacular natural features like beautiful valleys cloaked in an array of colorful flowers, towering volcanic peaks, ferocious streams or tall waterfalls. There are 37 peaks which surround Seoul alone. Some enchanting peaks are Suraksan, Samaksan, Cheongoksan, Taehahyangmok and Sinbulsan County Park. South Korea Tourism allows you to experience some amazing National Parks and if you are in the region then Seoraksan Park, Hallasan National Park, Cheonwangbong Park, Chiaksan Park and Jirisan Park are only a few beautiful areas, which can feature in your plan. Other than these few you have about 20 other parks with amazing congregations of wildlife and flora. World heritage sites like Changdeokgang, Anapji Pond and Gyeongju also are plenty in South Korea. South Korea Tourism also takes you to the premises of five stunning palaces which are Gyeongbokgun, Deoksugung, Gyeonghuigung, Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung.

South Korea Travel – Foodies Paradise

In South Korea there are several restaurants, which are reputed for their high quality quintessential Korean cuisines. Cuisines like Kimchi, Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Dakgalbi, Grilled Galbi, Ginseng Chicken soup, Naengmyeon and Haemultang are some mouthwatering specialties, which cannot be missed. South Korea Travel gives you the chance to taste some excellent local cuisines made from seafood, chicken and pork mostly. There are also some tasty snacks available in popular cafes. Tourists love Buchimgae, Gimbap, Eomuk and Sundae, which are available in small eateries on street cars in places such as Sinchon, E-dae and Hongdae. The food prices in these decrepit joints are reasonable although these joints lack high standards of cleanliness. For a spick and span ambience and good quality food you can try Outback Steak House and the famed Bennigan’s. Do not wind up your South Korea Travel before tasting some fabulous local wines and liquors like Makgeolli, Chamsari Takju Cheongju, etc.

South Korea Tourist – Shopping

There are several local handicraft items, which are wonderful souvenirs for home. Korean pottery, clay or wood figurines made by local people can be bought from mall and roadside shops. Moreover traditional Korean outfits called hanboks with handcrafted colorful patterns are favorite items for South Korea tourist. Other than hanboks, quilts, Korean dolls, silk and bamboo folding fans are souvenirs, which will be appreciated as gifts. Wall hangings made from silk fabrics richly embellished with decorative patterns are also popular among tourists. Norigae which is jewelry for Korean women also can be bought as a travel memoir.

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