Plucking Eyebrows – Get The Right Shape and Flaunt Your Beautiful Eyes

Eyebrows, being an important part of facial features, if, properly shaped, make your eyes look large and handsome. It is a fashion trend to trim and pamper them, in order to flaunt your eyes and overall personality.

Plucking Eyebrows – Advantages of Plucking

Though there are many ways for trimming the eyebrows like waxing, tweezing, etc, plucking eyebrows is one of the most common method of shaping eyebrows. It is remarkably accurate and lets you have greater control over the hairs which results in a better brow shape. Perfect eyebrows improve the beauty of the face and make an instant pull in the makeover session. For bequeathing the most popular eyebrow shape, start from the central portion of the eye. Plucking eyebrows is hundred percent natural, as there are no additional chemicals like waxing. It is utterly safe and is recommended for persons allergic to various skin chemicals. It can also be done at home during an emergency when you have a simple hair tweezers.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape – Secrets Revealed

A perfect eyebrow shape can do wonders to your image by making your face more defined and distinct, in addition to making you look younger and altering your facial appearance.Plucking the eyebrows should be with respect to the shape of the face. A person with high forehead should have the eyebrows slightly higher as it creates an impression that the temple is lower. For a round face, it should be a bit higher, and for a square faces, the shape should be round. For oval faces, almost any shape can be experimented with. Use your facial features as a guideline for a perfect eyebrow shape.

Eyebrows Shaping – Requirements and Precautions

Before starting with plucking your eyebrows, numb the brows and the area around, with ice to feel less pain, and make sure there is sufficient light while eyebrows shaping. Cleanse the brow area carefully to avoid any infections . Gently pull the outer edge of the eyebrow up so that you can see the eyebrow bone. While plucking, remove one hair at a time tweezing in the direction of the hair growth. First, start from the middle and work towards the ears and from the middle towards the nose. Follow the natural eyebrow shapes. Avoid removing a lot of hair as it can affect the overall shape. Finally, rub a little antiseptic solution over the eyebrows to avoid swelling.

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