Sauna Spa – Steam Bath and other Beauty Services to Choose from

Sauna bath and spas mostly rely on low humidity heat generation with infrared based power source. Steam spa is also preferred by some people who like natural methods.

Sauna Spa – Some Interesting and Important Facts

The sauna or steam bath is accessed by men and women from various age groups and after the advent of the infra-red spa they have more options. Earlier accessing the Finnish spa was the most popular option. The older spa requires humidity as well as extra steam but that is not the case with Sauna spa. This kind of spa works with the heat made by an infra-red source. This comes close to the heat generated by the sun’s infrared rays. People like using Sauna Spa because it generates tolerable temperature. Now it is also possible to install this type of spa at home. There are various models available in the market but the cabin style spa appears to be the most affordable one. In a spa the temperature generally is kept within 180 degrees Fahrenheit. As saunas have lower humidity level inside, it is possible to tolerate higher temperature inside them. People using sauna usually wear towel for dealing with the sweat that is generated by the heat.

Sauna Bath – Things Required

In typical sauna style steam baths, two level seating is available. It is important for people going for a hot Sauna bath to eat light before the bath. If someone has taken a heavy meal, he should wait for an hour or so before going for the sauna session. It is not recommended to take any kind of alcoholic beverage in the sauna as it can trigger dehydration. However, one should intake water both after and before the Sauna bath. It is also okay to munch on a light snack post the steam bath session. The people opting for a sauna session should not wear something more than a towel. Wearing metal jewelry during steam bath can be dangerous as they can heat up considerably. To make the sauna steam session relaxing and enjoyable one can use accessories like footrests and backrests. Some people prefer taking aromatherapy oils to these steam sessions.

Sauna Health Benefits

Advantages of the sauna sessions are various. The sauna health benefits were recorded in ancient times too. Above all, the steam bath sessions helps in detoxifying the body by generating sweat. The heat is said to stimulate white blood cell production. It also offers the stressed out lot to bust the pent up stress in a way. The body muscles are also stretched during these steam bath sessions and the skin pores get declogged. People who suffer from periodic sleep disorders often obtain benefit from sauna sessions. The German and Finnish health experts believe that Sauna steam baths help people suffering from cardiac issues and high blood pressure.

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