Split Ends Hair – How to Prevent and Remove

Trichoptilosis, more commonly known as split ends, is among the common hair problems people experience. Split ends hair appear lighter, and is often severely dry, which leads people searching for ways to treat and prevent it.

Split Ends Hair – An Overview on the Causes

Certain kinds of stress on the hair may cause it to break and split. Split ends hair has different factors which causes it, such as extreme weather, the use of damaging chemicals, or styling machines. Frequent use of curling and straightening irons, as well as hair driers, are among the common causes of split ends. Other factors which may cause hair to split, are mechanical stresses such as frequent brushing and styling, causing the hair shaft to weaken and feather at the ends. Different hair products are available in the market, which are good in treating split ends hair, and preventing them as well.

Split Ends Treatment – Tips and Tricks on Treatment

Split ends are among the most common hair problems, luckily there are various treatments and remedies which may be done in a salon, or at home. Split ends treatments involve many preventive measures, such as the proper combing habits. Since the hair is more likely to split when it is wet, avoid any kind of brushing. Instead, one may use a wide-toothed comb to gently loosen the tangles. Using specialized shampoo and conditioners are among the top choices in split ends treatment; some products keep the ends bonded together, and prevent further damage. Use clarifying shampoos and silicone based conditioners while in the bath, and apply a leave-in conditioner once the hair dries to prevent damage from styling, and to keep the hair shaft strong.

Fix Split Ends – Getting Rid of It

Although there are good hair products that may treat split ends, they may just cover up the problem without really getting rid of it. Left unattended, split ends may rip the entire hair shaft itself resulting in a dry, feathery appearance. If ever shampoos and conditioners don’t seem to work, try going to a salon and have a hot oil treatment, this gives the hair a moisture-rich treatment, which could help in strengthening it. Should all else fail, one may fix split ends by trimming the tips; removing them ensures that the hair will not continue to rip and break. However, as with any quick-fix treatment, one should always remember that the key to avoiding the recurrence of split ends is to always keep the hair healthy, and avoid products or methods, which could damage it.

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