Taiwan Guide – Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Vacation

Home to a number of scenic places, Taiwan is one of the most famous tourist and travel destinations in Asia. There are several tips and guides that can help you have a safe and memorable holiday trip to this captivating island.

Taiwan Guide – Planning the Trip

Taiwan, also called Ilha Formosa or beautiful island, has so much to offer for your enjoyment. All you have to do is to set up a family vacation or weekend gateway to this country. This task is challenging but there are many reliable Taiwan guide and travel sites that can help you how to plan a great escapade. These sites surely can assist you in finding information about various attractions and top destinations in Taiwan. Similarly, there are thousands of online Taiwan guide resources with array of tips, photos and reviews about travel and tour to the country. They can provide you ideas on where and when to go and what to see and do. Furthermore, Taiwan guide can help you decide whether you want to go on an adventure trip, nature trip or city tour.

Taiwan Tourist – Attractions and Destinations

An interesting mix of traditional Chinese, native cuisines and cultures and technological advancement, Taiwan is one of the places on Earth where cultural and ancient religious practices still flourish in an irresistibly modernist landscape. Taiwan tourist, on any given day, can get through this unusual juxtaposition of new and old, seeing time-honored practices while still experiencing its technological milestones such as Taipei 101, the tallest building in the globe, and the new High Speed Rail that connects the two biggest cities in the country. Other top destinations to visit include the Presidential Building, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and City God Temple. For more great adventures, Taiwan tourist is also advised to go to Kenting and Yushan range, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan forests and Taroko Gorge.

Taiwan Travel Guide – Other Information

There are wide ranges of clubbing options in Taiwan and evenings can be satisfied by dining and shopping. You can also enjoy the night markets in the country offering bargain prices and where barter is accepted. It is completely safe to travel around the cities and towns in Taiwan anytime of the day. Various transportations like train, subway system, bus and taxi are accessible. Taiwan travel guide usually recommends taking flight to enter the country as the main international airport has good connections to major Asian cities and North America. But cruise services from Hong Kong, Japan and China are also available, though limited. Citizens from selected countries like Australia, Canada and US among others may stay for 30 days without visa. A passport valid for at least six months from entry is required.

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