Diverticulitis Disease – The Causes and Symptoms

Diverticulitis is an irritating intestinal disorder with multiple bothering symptoms and unless healthy life is consistently maintained it is difficult to control the intensity of the disease.

Diverticulitis Disease – Intestinal Disorder

Diverticulosis is the root cause behind induction of Diverticulitis which is a common intestinal disorder involving large intestine and which tends to from diverticula or pouches at the external portion of the colon. If any of the diverticula gets swollen, the health disorder is termed as diverticulitis disease. Most of these pouches are formed in sigmoid colon which is the curved part of large intestine near to rectum and the tendency of forming the pouches get increased as we tend to get aged. As lack of fiber in diet is one of the triggers of this issue however, there are several instances that the disease remains asymptomatic for a few patients. In United States more than 50% of people with more than 70 years age bracket suffer from diverticulitis disease without showing any specific symptom.

Symptoms of Diverticulitis – The Signals of Disorder

Although the symptoms of diverticulitis often remain recessive some patients are not spared from some bothering complications due to this disease. Apart from experiencing irregularities in bowl movements, the patients of diverticulitis may face some other symptoms likeAbdominal pain is post meal period at the low left sideRecurring nausea and bout of vomitingPainless bleeding from rectumBlood in stoolIrregularities like constipation and diarrheaBloatingRecurring flatulence.In some instances patients of diverticulitis may suffer from continuous spell of urinary tract infection. These patients may display certain symptoms of diverticulitis, typical of UTI symptoms like painful urination, gas in urine, and frequent urge to urinate, development of fistula, etc.

Diverticulitis Cause – The Triggers

The cause for diverticulitis is still unknown however, research and study is still ongoing. According to the doctors, some of the obvious diverticulitis cause is aging, faulty diet, means low fiber diet, and some sort of physical abnormalities. If an individual suffer from obesity and lead more or less sedentary life style are seen prone to this disease. Apart from low fiber diet, people are prone to intake high fat diet is also in the high risk zone of developing diverticulitis. However this disease is more prevalent in males; those are suffering from chronic constipation often develops diverticulitis is the later age. Although diverticulitis causes are not clear yet, but it has been already detected that diet, lifestyle, and aging plays prime role in the induction of diverticulitis. 

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