Tooth Decay in Children – Preventing and Treating the Condition on Time

In the field of dental science, tooth decay is considered to be one of the most common problems with a high prevalence rate amongst the children. However, the experts believe that the tooth decay problem can be treated and also prevented with a certain level of regular care.

Tooth Decay in Children – Marring the Innocent Smiles

The problem of tooth decay in children is mainly caused by the development of plaques, which are the deposits found on the edges of gums and internal grooves of the teeth. The plaques, formed by excessive intake of sweet food items and irregular dental hygiene, slowly penetrates into the roots of the teeth and weakens their hold. Another factor contributing to tooth decay in children is the presence of specific bacteria in the mouth, which have the tendency to convert food materials into acidic compounds. The bigger issue with plaque develops when it gets converted to solidified tartar on the teeth, which eventually leads to cavities and irreversible deterioration of dental health. Although this process takes a long time, it is advised by the doctors to take proactive measures as soon as the first symptoms appear.

Prevent Tooth Decay – Ways of Fending off the Enemy

Like every other dental problem, the best way to prevent tooth decay is to take good care of your dentures through regular cleaning. According to normal standards, it is imperative that an individual brushes their teeth twice a day. This becomes even more crucial for children as their eating habits are far more varied and sugar based than that of the adults. Apart from regular brushing, one should also keep away from sticky food items and high sugar content in order to prevent tooth decay. However, in case such food materials have been consumed, one should either rinse with mouth wash or brush after the meal. Besides this, parents are also advised to ensure that the children are not eating very frequently, as the chances of plaque developing increases in that case.

Tooth Decay Treatment – Regaining Dental Hygiene

Maintenance of dental hygiene is considered to be an important part of the regular routine, which is disrupted in cases of developing plaques and resultant tooth decay. However, there are tooth decay treatment methods available through which the effects of plaque can be removed for inducing a new beginning. The first and foremost procedure performed by the dentists is to remove the resultant plaques and clean the dentures thoroughly. Following that, the cavities are filled by the dentists to cover up the damage done by the decay. After this basic treatment method, the individual is required to use mouth wash and fluorine rich toothpaste on a regular basis to keep the teeth in healthy condition.

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