Hand Washing Facts – The Foundation to Proper Hygeine

Hand washing, if done appropriately, is the most effective preventive method against the spread of infectious diseases. Proper hand washing practice is quite simple to learn and can efficiently reduce the spread of infectious diseases among adults and children.

Hand washing Facts – Interesting Details

Hand washing is a daily activity and learning hand washing facts is the easiest way to remain hale and hearty as this habit can reduce chance of viral, bacterial, or fungal infection by contact contamination. Commonly hand washing is mended in two ways: one is the washing method using soap and water and the other way is wash by alcohol based hand sanitizers, which it is a no-water wash. It is recommended to wash hands always beforeCooking.Eating food.Nursing a wound or caring for a patient.Prior use of contact lenses.Knowing hand washing facts and implementing the basics at regular course is a positive approach toward personal hygiene. Maintaining personal hygiene is a health friendly way of leading quality lifestyle.

Proper Hand Washing – General Basics

Execution of proper hand washing method is necessary to get best result out of the practice. Although it is an easy process altogether, the washing-hand steps should be followed one after another.Soaking hand with water is the first step.Application of soap comes after that; liquid, powder or bar type soaps can do for hand washing.Gentle rubbing is required so that enough lather is formed.Scrubbing should be done on rear side of hands, wrists, between the fingers, and points below to fingernails.Wash hands thoroughly against running water.Use hand drier, paper tissue, or clean towel for drying hands.It is important to learn and follow proper hand washing methods; once the seniors in family will act health-conscious, kids would be spontaneously influenced by this healthy cleaning habit.

Hand Washing for Kids – Healthy Habit

Learning hand washing is an important part of a kid’s grooming because the habit keeps children healthy and germ free. The task of hand washing for kids, especially with soap and water, may seem unmanageable; use of alcohol based hand sanitizers are more handy option for them. However, guardians should teach children how to use hand sanitizer and they must be sure about the alcohol sensitivity of the child before allowing him to use such a product. Understanding the importance of personal hygiene is also important for small children. Parents may introduce attractive accessories to make the task of hand washing for kids enough interesting and productive with its desired output.

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