Chiropractic Treatments – An Alternative Medical Practice

Chiropractic treatments are targeted at disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. They are non-invasive procedures practiced by chiropractors who perform spinal manipulation and work on nearby parts.

Chiropractic Treatments – Targeting the Spine and Joints

Chiropractors usually focus on back pains, headaches, stiff necks and joint pains in the limbs when performing chiropractic treatments. They treat ailments in the back through arm thrusts that are directed at abnormal vertebra. It is done to minimize nerve irritability and restoring functionality and a wide range of motions in the back. Muscles and joints may also be subjected to manipulation and stretching to enable them to move smoothly and painlessly. Chiropractic treatments may also use gadgets that are used by physical therapists such as devices for electric stimulation, traction and ultrasound. Patients are also advised to exercise in order to reduce pain.

Chiropractic Techniques – Employing Different Methods

Chiropractors employ various chiropractic techniques according to the pain felt by the patient as well as the patient’s tolerance toward pain or discomfort. The diversified technique is the most common treatment administered by chiropractors. It is a manner of spinal manipulation using high velocity low amplitude thrusts to align the spine and encourage a range of motions. They may also use extremity adjustment and manipulation. Activator method chiropractic techniques using hand-held gadgets apply small impulses to the spine to move misaligned vertebrae without causing injury. Meanwhile, the Gonstead technique uses the Nervoscope and X-ray to find subluxations in the spine and correct any misalignment. Craniosacral therapy is a technique shared by chiropractors with osteopaths, massage therapists and naturopaths to tune into a patient’s craniosacral rhythm simply by placing the practitioner’s hand on the patient.

Chiropractic Therapy – Non-invasive Medicine

Medicines and surgery are absent in chiropractic therapy. Instead, it uses the practitioner’s hands and is sometimes aided with gadgets. It also involves health and lifestyle counseling and giving exercise advice. Such therapy believes that the body has the ability to heal itself and only needs assistance for healing to take place. To diagnose the need for chiropractic, it utilizes observational and tactile evaluations, skeletal imaging and neurological and orthopedic examination. Patient complaints may be managed along with a specialist with recommendations for complementary procedures. Chiropractors sometimes use acupuncture and homeopathy although states vary as to what they can or cannot do.

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