Chronic Lower Back Pain – The Many Causes of the Physical Affliction

Chronic lower back pain is plaguing problem affecting millions every year. While some deep rooted problems might need surgical intervention, natural remedies and preventive measures can resist aggravations.

Chronic Lower Back Pain – Triggering Hidden Causes

Degenerative diseases associated with old age can cause chronic lower back pain. When people age muscles, tissues and bones lose strength. Moreover fluids which keep the discs lubricated and cushioned dries out and abrasion between the discs causes pain whenever an affected individual tries to bend. Sometimes a grave situation arises when the disc ruptures and starts putting pressure on the nerve causing excruciating pain. Muscle tear, bone lesions, tissue damage, which might occur during accidents can cause chronic lower back pain. Other than arthritis and osteoporosis, which are identified as the most common cause, back pain can also occur due to viral infections, neural problems, sciatica, obesity, fibromyalgia, inappropriate posture, congenial defects, diabetes, or scar tissues.

Lower Back Pain In Women – Causes and Treatment

Arthritis and osteoporosis are more common in women than men. During menopause women suffer from calcium deficiency and bovine corrosion takes a heavy toll on joints. To prevent lower back pain in women calcium intake must be increased after women reach 35. Milk and yogurt are natural sources of calcium and women must consume plenty of natural calcium. Also stretch exercises, yoga, walking and jogging can provide relief. The good news is some types of lower back pain in women can be cured without medical intervention. Natural remedies like acupuncture, application of capsaicin cream, consumption of Vitamin D, B12 or willow bark powder, magnesium, yoga, chiropractic therapy, massage, or prolotherapy are some of the least invasive ways the problem can be eradicated.

Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy – Reasons and Relief

All women suffer from lower back pain in pregnancy and this is because hormonal imbalances and due to obesity. Weight in pregnant women increases as pregnancy advances and the child grows in the womb. Muscle strains happens when women tries to stand up, walk, or sit. In some cases the pain continues even after child birth. Yoga and light stretch exercises on a daily basis can provide relief from agony. Heat and ice compressions are also effective measures of reducing back pain. Once the baby is born and normal weight is regained the problem slowly abates if the body has not sustained any other injuries.

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