Exercise for Lower Back Pain – Workouts Providing Pain Relief

Low back pain is a common scenario in adults and staying active through exercises and avoiding strenuous activities can minimize or alleviate the problem completely. There are several workouts, which when done properly, help to relieve pain and offers comfort.

Exercise for Lower Back Pain – Do’s and Don’ts

Treating low back pain and staying active helps to provide relief to the condition. Exercise for lower back pain help to strengthen muscles in that area, decrease pain, prevent re-injury and reduce disability risks. These exercises are neither complicated nor tough to do and consistently following them offers positive results. Exercises that help to relieve the condition can be categorized into three and include aerobic workouts that help to condition your heart, maintain health and quicken recovery; strengthening exercises focusing on back, leg and stomach muscles and stretching exercises that help to keep muscles and its supporting tissues supple and flexible and make them less susceptible to injury. However, certain other kinds of exercises such as straight and bent leg sit-ups, leg lifts, bicep curls and standing toe touches can aggravate the condition. You should exercise for lower back pain with doctor’s advice to procure positive results.

Lower Back Pain Stretches – Techniques to Use

Strengthening core muscles supporting spine and preventing stiff joints can be achieved through lower back pain stretches. The stretches help to relieve pain but ensure not to overexert. Consulting your doctor before beginning lower back pain stretches is necessary. Begin with slow and controlled movements like rocking your back. With a relaxed body, lie down on the floor facing up, pull your knees to your chest and grasp them with your hands. Subsequently, rock your body for a massaging effect. For the cobra position, lie face down on the floor and point toes backward. With hands near armpits, press them down to lift your shoulders. Extend arms as fully as possible while pressing hips towards the floor. A cat stretch involving curving your spine into a U shape and curving in the opposite direction also helps the problem considerably.

Yoga for Lower Back Pain – Effective Postures

Yoga has been identified as an effective mechanism for relieving lower back pain. There are certain postures when attempted in the right way help to provide relief. Yoga for lower back pain has been researched by many health and fitness experts and observed favorable results. Some of the effective postures includethe following.(a) Lie on stomach with arms at side and head towards one side. Hold this posture for at least three minutes to relax(b) Lying on stomach, prop yourself on elbows and rest on shoulders; when you experience pain, move elbows away from shoulders(c) Lie on stomach, turn head to one side, position palms under shoulders and arch your body back while your hip stays relaxed.Consistently performing these postures will offer definite relief from backpain.

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