Gas Pain Symptoms – Understanding the Troublesome Condition

Inappropriate foods, certain underlying conditions etc. can cause excessive build-up of gas within the system which can result in in extreme pain. It is essential to recognise the symptoms of pain due to gas to cure the same.

Gas Pain Symptoms – Know the Signs and Indications

One of the most obvious gas pain symptoms are constant belching or burping. Belching occurs when the air remains trapped within the stomach after having a large meal. Sharp and shooting pains in the upper abdomen can usually occur after having a meal too fast. Accumulation or entrapment of gas in the lower portion of abdomen can also result in pain. The sufferer might also feel bloated and flatulent at all times due to similar issues. Onsets of digestive disorders like diarrhoea, vomiting etc. are hallmark gas pain symptoms. Breathing issues, excessive sweating, fever etc. can be witnessed in severe cases. However, these could also be signs of some other underlying conditions which might require medical assistance.

Gas Pains in Stomach – Possible Triggers

Gas pains in stomach are caused primarily because of the kind of foods we eat. It has been revealed that formation of gas occurs when the bacteria ferments the carbohydrates left unused by the small intestines. It has also been observed that when lactose intolerant people consume dairy products, they suffer from gastric problems and other digestive issues. All of us tend to swallow some amount of air along with the foods we eat. The amount of air might be negligible but it might cause gas pains in stomach. It is a known fact that foods rich in fibres improve digestion. However under certain circumstances these foods can also create gastric issues and related problems.

Gas Pain in Chest – Tips

Excessive accumulation of gas within the stomach can exert pressure in areas around chest as well. Elevation in levels of pressure can result in gas pain in chest. Taking an antacid can help relieve you from chest pain due to gas. However, if your chest pain does not subside after certain duration of time, you must seek medical assistance as this could be something more severe. Most people mistake a heart attack for gas pain in chest. So it is best to consult a doctor under such severe circumstances to be on the safer side. In order to prevent gas pains, you can try having a healthy diet and lead an active lifestyle.

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