Hair Loss Disease – Causes and Cures for Hair Decay

Hair disease can be highly persistent and transferable to other persons. The fungustinea capitus causes the disease. The infection is contagious and can be passed by direct contact with the infected individual or through the infected combs, hats or clothing. Treatment depends on the disease virulence.

Hair Loss Disease – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Hair loss disease called Alopecia has several prominent symptoms. When you wake up in the morning, you can find most of your hair on the pillow. When you wash your hair, you get a substantial portion of your hair in the drain. These symptoms have devastating consequences. Sometimes the hair loss disease is not confined to the scalp alone; it can lead to the entire body hair loss. Diagnosis of the hair loss disease depends on the types and sub types of your hair loss. Diagnostic methods like, hair pull test, hair pluck examination and laboratory tests confirm the seriousness of the disease. Although there is no absolute treatment available for the disease, it is not life threatening.

Womens Hair Loss – Female Pattern Hair Loss

Androgenic alopecia is the name coined for female pattern alopecia. Hair thinning is typically seen in these women. Womens hair loss can appear as early as their adolescence age. Hormonal changes are one of the chief reasons for hair loss in women. Hair loss also occurs following the pregnancy or due to discontinuation of birth control pills. The hair loss may be temporary or permanent. The treatment is usually with the topical application of monoxidil 2%. Spironolactone pills have helped to overcome womens hair loss problems. Hormonal replacement pills have also supported hair re growth in many cases. In severe cases, hair transplants can be of immense help.

Hair Loss Young Women – A Serious Health Concern

Hormonal changes can be the primary reasons for hair loss young age. Smoking can also connect to hair loss problems. Polycystic ovary syndrome, Thyroid problem, consuming crash diets that lack the essential nutrients for a women’s body, iron deficiency may be of serious concern for hair loss young women. Telogen Effluvium causes about 70% of hair loss in about two months period. Hair transplantation, oral treatments, topical application of lotions, tissue expansion, and galeoplasty are some of the proven ways to overcome hair loss at an unusually young age.

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