Tennis Elbow Pain – A Commonly Seen Affliction of the Elbow

Damage to the tendons which connect the forearm muscles to the arm bone is considered to be the primary cause of tennis elbow pain. The level of pain felt can range from mild to severe depending on the intensity of damage caused.

Tennis Elbow Pain – Probable Causes of Aggravation

The primary reasons for tennis elbow pain are believed to be the wear and tear of the tendons that connect the outer arm, which help getting the elbow and wrist cocked back after extension. There are two most common factors that aggravate the incidence of this kind of pain in affected people. Firstly those who do strenuous work with their hands are at the maximum risk of stressing the tendons while putting pressures through the arms. Painters, plumbers, carpenters and gardeners belong to this category of people. The second category comprises of sportsmen who repeatedly stretch their elbows in swift actions during sports activities. This tears the tendons and over a period of time induces tennis elbow pain which subsequently restricts the performance of these sportsmen.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms – Indications to Look for

There are many tennis elbow symptoms which will clearly indicate the onset of this condition. The most common symptom is pain in the outer elbow whenever there is a grasping action or the wrist is cocked back. This pain gets aggravated whenever lifting heavy objects or putting any other kind of strains on the outer elbow. Typically the symptom of this condition involves the spread of the pain from the elbow downwards towards the wrist. Though in most cases the tennis elbow symptoms involve gradual onset of pain, in certain cases, especially for active sportsmen there can be a sudden increase in the pain levels which are indicative of advanced condition of the problem that requires immediate medical attention.

Cure Tennis Elbow – Physiotherapy and Surgery

Physiotherapy and surgery are the most common methods to cure tennis elbow conditions. The cure is dependent on the actual condition of the problem and the nature of routine activities that the affected individual is expected to undertake. In most cases simple treatment that involve rest and gradual physiotherapy movements are sufficient to cure the condition. This process of healing is however time consuming and may require up to several months before the patient is fully recovered from the problem. In case these traditional and conservative methods of treatment are not effective over a long period of about a year then surgical methods can also be undertaken to address the issue of tennis elbow.

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