Thigh Exercise – Tone Up Your Thigh Muscles

Getting slim thighs becomes easy with a regimen that includes both cardio as well as resistance training in the exercise routine. Squats, lunges, leg bends, hill walking and cycling are effective workouts for the thighs.

Thigh Exercise – Cardio and Resistance Training

Cardio exercises are a must when training thighs as they burn excess fat in the area. All cardio workouts like walking, jogging, running, and swimming are great thigh exercises and ones that have a more robust impact on thighs are jumprope, biking, rowing, stepper exercises, and hill walking especially when one is climbing uphill. In the gym, equipment like elliptical, treadmill, and bicycle are good choices. Resistance training exercises are great to build muscle strength and a variety of exercises done from different angles should be included. Most thigh exercises that include leg raises, lifts, extensions, and bends are great for shedding fat and building lean muscle tissue. It is best to do cardio and resistance training on alternate days.

Thigh Toning Exercises – Build Strong Muscles

All sessions consisting of thigh toning exercises should start with a warm up that must include stretches and light cardio activities. Some good ones are the frog posture and stretch done by extending legs outwards in a V position and then touching the toes. Squats are really simple to do and give visible results thus have a number of variations like plie, split, wide stance and also squat and bend. Front, reverse and walking lunges are quite popular. Both these thigh toning exercises can be done either freehand or with barbells. Some other exercises for the thighs are; dead lifts, step ups, leg press, leg extensions, etc.

Thigh Slimming Exercises

Hamstrings are a problem area for many and exercises that strengthen muscles are leg curls, straight leg glute extensions, hamstring rolls, attaching weight to ankles while doing cardio workouts like walking or running, resistance band workouts, etc. Inner thighs are often neglected and the medicine ball exercises done holding the ball in between the thighs are very effective for toning them. Also, the many variations of leg raises done lying sideways are great thigh slimming exercises as they workout the inner as well as outer thighs. The power lift kick is good for the quadriceps and front leg raises should also be included in thigh workouts.

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