Grenada Island – Tourism Information on the Caribbean Beach Destination

Grenada Island is where one can relax and unwind under the tropical sun or explore the flora and fauna of its jungle. One can hike through its long expanse of beaches or through its forest.

Grenada Island – A Caribbean Destination

One of the popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean is Grenada Island. It is one of seven islands that make up the Commonwealth Realm and capitalizes on its tourism. Most of its water sports and beach tourism is concentrated in the southwest part of the island. Its airport and coastal strip is also found in the area of St. Georges. Grenada Island also caters to ecotourism with ecofriendly accommodations found around St. John and St. David. Its tourism is booming with the construction of a pier for cruise ships and an esplanade where tourists can spend more bucks on the local businesses. However, much of the foreign exchange it earns are raked in by the hotels and resorts lining its beaches.

Granada Beach – Soaking on Sunshine

Finding a Granada Beach is not a problem because the entire island is surrounded by water which is great for any kind of water sport or just lounging. Beaches are accessible to the public since policy on the island requires that any developer with a plan to develop property near the beach must provide a right of way for anyone wishing to go there. A Granada Beach which is located in the western part of the island, such as the Grand Anse Beach, is assured of calm and protection. With its white sand beach, hotels, restaurant and dive shops are found in the area. For those wanting a lot of privacy, one can try Morne Rouge Beach which is south of Grand Anse. There are no dive shops in this area and the water is shallow and a bit warmer than those in the other beaches which make it ideal for children.

Grenada Holidays – Exploring the Island

Grenada’s tourism is not limited to its beaches. The island also holds festivals with singers and bands, cultural events and parades complete with men and women in colorful costumes who display the cultural influence of Africa, France and India. Grenada holidays also include the presence of its forest and jungle which houses the Grand Etang National Park. Monkeys and exotic birds make their habitats in this park as well as the existence of Concord Falls. The capital, St. Georges, makes a good starting point for visits to other islands close by like Carriacou with reefs that divers can marvel at.

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