Iowa Tourism – Your Travel and Sightseeing Experience in the American Heartland

The fascinating and fun places in Iowa make it a favorite destination for tourists. There are lots of attractive tourist locations for sightseeing in Iowa.

Iowa Tourism – Fun Filled Vacation

Iowa is a very picturesque destination in North America’s mid west. An Iowa tourism agenda consists of visits to the Waterloo Water Park and Corydon. The Waterloo is a season park which is best visited during the summertime. The park has a variety of slides such as the Lost Soul Falls and the Wailua Kupua. The former is a slide which allows you to free fall at twenty eight feet per second. The latter is a water roller coaster. Another popular location which forms a part of any Iowa tourism agenda is Corydon. This is a place which celebrates the Jesse James days on the first Saturday of every June.

Iowa Travel – Entertaining Holiday

Iowa is a warm, beautiful place which has an abundance of scenic beauty. Some of the popular elements of Iowa travel are the river attractions and gambling. America’s three most important rivers, the Missouri, Mississippi and Big Sioux are located in Iowa. There is a very interesting River History Museum which is situated in Lansing, on the borders of Mississippi. There is also a national river museum and an aquarium in Dubuque which is a must see during Iowa travel. Gambling is one of the fun things to do in Iowa, apart from experiencing the state’s exquisite natural beauty. There are some very good casinos at Bettendorf, Clinton, Burlington and Northwood.

Iowa Vacation – Historical Experience

The State of Iowa is one of the most historical places. There are some popular historical attractions which you can see during an Iowa vacation such as the Amana colonies. This is a cluster of small villages which are seven in number. This cluster was founded by German immigrants as a religious commune, in the middle of the nineteenth century. An Iowa vacation should also include a visit to the Kellog’s Historical Museum located in Lansing. Two other popular museums visited by most tourists in Iowa are the Allis Charmer Tractor And Farm Museum and the Big Creek Historical Museum. The former is situated in Griswold, while the latter is situated in Polk City.

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