Istanbul Travel – Sightseeing Activities in Constantinople

Istanbul, which was known as Constantinople in ancient times is a famous historical tourist destination. There are many exotic sights in Istanbul which attracts millions of visitors every year.

Istanbul travel – Fascinating and Historical

Istanbul, was the capital of the Byzantine Empire in the ancient period. One of the most important sights to see during Istanbul travel is the Aya Sofia. This is a cathedral which was built during the sixth century. It was the main cathedral of Constantinople, the erstwhile name of Istanbul. This cathedral was converted into a mosque about nine hundred years later, when Constantinople came to be occupied by the Turks. What makes this church a must see for any tourist during Istanbul travel, is the elegant way by which this church has been designed. The church is splendid yet understated in its beauty. You can also chose for other entertaining activities like the Galata Tower Show. You will experience an entertaining evening inside on of Istanbul’s oldest landmark. You can see a wide view from above the tower of the entire city while sipping cocktails and enjoying the sunset in a picturesque setting.

Istanbul Tours – Blend of Ancient and Modern

The city of Istanbul bridges the two continents of Asia and Europe as well as the modern and the ancient era. The Istanbul tours include visits to some prominent locations in the city such as the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace. The Blue Mosque was built in the year 1617 by the Turkish rulers to rival the beautiful Christian church known as the Hague Sophia. The Topkapi palace, which is an integral part of all Istanbul tours, is a very opulently designed palace. It was built by the Ottoman emperors. The rich decoration of this palace is meant to symbolize the power and prosperity of the Ottoman sultans. You can also chose for a relaxing boat ride with a provision for plenty of sightseeing activities if you rent the Bosphorus cruise. Lunch and dinner is provided in the cruise.

Istanbul Holidays – Amazing Experience

Istanbul is a very vibrant international city that is popular because of its ancient sites. When you go on an Istanbul holidays, one of the places which you must pay a visit to is the Grand Bazaar. This is one of the oldest malls in the whole world. There are as many as twelve hundred shops, selling items such as leather goods, carpets, jewelry, pipes, silk, clothing and tiles. There are some shops at this bazaar which cater specifically to people who have come on an Istanbul holidays. The other shops in the bazaar mainly serve the residents of the city of Istanbul. Istanbul also has some grand and luxuriant hotels like the Legacy Ottoman hotel and the Ciragan palace hotel. Istanbul also has two famous international airports namely the Ataturk International Airport and Sabiha Gokcen International Airport.

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