Sacramento Attractions – Exploring the City’s Highlights

Sacramento is replete with beautiful gardens and parks, resembling many US cities. Its Mediterranean climate makes it suitable for the travelers hailing from cold climates. The California State Capitol remains a major tourist draw in the city.

Sacramento Attractions – Exploring Heritage and Culture

Sacramento which is California’s capital is ideal for the travelers who want to enjoy the ambience of an economic and cultural urban destination. Sacramento attractions for a tourist are endless and the visitors should hire a car for sightseeing and exploring the top tourist places in and around the city. The Sacramento zoo is the suitable place for the tourists who love wildlife. It is a huge zoo with a lot of wild animals and birds. It offers a recreational and educational experience for the families that come to the city. The Sacramento Marina located by the side of the Sacramento River is one of the most popular Sacramento attractions. It is ideal for those who love water sports and boat ride. A visit to Sacramento cannot be complete without soaking in its thriving nightlife. There are restaurants serving awesome local cuisines and alluring hip bars that attract the trendy lot. The Downtown Plaza is ideal for the shopping lovers and it offers a plethora of shopping options and entertainment hubs.

Sacramento Parks – Activities and Exhibits

The parks in Sacramento witness huge footfalls all over the year. The Fairytale Town located in William Land Park is among the most popular Sacramento parks. There are gigantic play sets for kids in the amusement center. There are a number of beautiful gardens in it. The State Historic Park called “Old Sacramento’’ is ideal for the visitors who want to know about the rich heritage of the historic city. There are a number of ancient palaces and historic museums in this park. The tourists should keep a few hours to cover all its attractions. The McKinley Park is visited the most by the families looking for a picnic spot and it is quite photographic by nature. The Sacramento parks are all easily accessible from various parts of the city.

Sacramento Museums – Top Tourist Hotspots

While the parks in Sacramento quench the thirst for the visitors who love natural beauty, the museums of the city are more suited for the culturally inclined lot. The most popular of the Sacramento museums is the California State Railroad Museum. The other two destinations are Crocker Art Museum and Towe Auto Museum. The California State Railroad Museum has more than 20 rail locomotives that have been restored beautifully. It also houses some ancient passenger cars offering an insight into the transit system of yesteryears. The Crocker Art Museum is a renowned art museum of California. It has a vast range of Californian art and European paintings in store.

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