Virginia Attractions – Beaches, Mountains and More

Virginia is a major state situated on the east coast of United States, and is better known for its beautiful beaches, mountains, and exquisite landscapes. Apart from these, the state also attracts tourists to its well maintained zoos housing a large variety of animal species.

Virginia Attractions – Places for Natural Bliss

Virginia has been blessed with one of the most beautiful natural landscape, graced with mountains, beaches, and forests. One of the best Virginia attractions is the Chesapeake Bay, which is fed by most of the state rivers making it full and serene all year round. Amongst the mountain ranges, the Appalachian range is quite popular for having the highest peaks in the state. There are lively beaches in the state which attract many people on a regular basis to enjoy themselves in the sun, sand and water. Because of the environment and climate of the state, Virginia attractions also include its rich flora and fauna giving life to the state. Hence, Virginia is also known for the many national parks and zoos, all striving to conserve the beautiful species indigenous to the state.

Virginia Mountains – Mighty Manifestations of Nature

Mountains form a great part of Virginia’s appeal, most of them being a part of the Appalachian mountain range. Running across the state, the Virginia mountains form the base of all the other components of the environment. In the Appalachian range, the highest peak is Mount Rogers, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. People not only marvel at its might and beauty, but also engage in adventurous activities like trekking and mountain climbing. Besides this, Virginia mountains also include the Masanutten mountain, which has the distinction of being carbonate rock based. Another prominent range is the Cumberland mountains, which form an attractive locale along with the Cumberland plateau and the rivers plowing through the valleys.

Virginia Zoo – Conservation and Entertainment

Because of the variety of the animals that are residents of Virginia, the state has done a lot to help in their protection and promoting their appeal. Apart from the national parks covering the forests, there are many zoos in the state as well. The Virginia Zoo Park is the biggest one in the state and is known for the vast variety of animals it houses. Apart from the local fauna, the zoo is also home to many exotic species from around the world. This way, they have spread awareness regarding the animals and their importance in environmental balance. The zoo also ensures that the animals get to express their behavior in a healthy manner and interact with the public as well. Hence, the zoo has become a spot for recreation and education for the masses while keeping the interest of the animals in mind.

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