Plumeria Flowers – The Beautiful Blossoms that Facilitate Pollination

Plumeria plant is a deciduous shrub and its flowers are very attractive. Fragrance of flowers intensifies during night. The plant grows vigorously in tropical and sub tropical climate.

Plumeria Flowers – Available in Different Varieties

Plumeria blossoms are beautiful and through which, the plant facilitates pollination. Plumeria flowers have a soft scent but it does not contain nectar. Pollination in plumeria is done by moths. They carry and transfer pollen from one flower to another in their hunt for nectar. The flowers can be light or dark in color and it appears in different colors such as white, pink, red, rainbow and yellow. Some rare and exotic plumeria flowers are multicolored, golden yellow and dark plum, pink-magenta, orange-red and red ruby in color. Singapore plumeria is dwarf and pink with a yellowish orange center. Many other varieties of plumeria plants are available.

Plumeria Rubra – The Peculiarities of the Plant

Commonly known as Red Frangipani, plumeria rubra is very popular. It comes under deciduous species of genus Plumeria. It is commonly found in gardens, parks, and temples. Its flowers appear in white, pink and yellow colors. Plumeria rubra is a shrub, with a succulent trunk. Its branches are blunt and brittle with a thin bark, which is grey in color. On breaking, the branches give out a white sap. Leaves of the plant are green and large and form a cluster. The deciduous leaves fall during cold. The terminal flowers are profuse and appear in summer season. Flowers have five petals and it appears in pink and white with a yellowish center.

Hawaiian Plumeria – Very Attractive

Plumeria is a common flower in Hawaii. People use these flowers for decorative purposes. Flowers of Hawaiian plumeria appear mostly in yellow, red and white colors. Its petals are soft and have a thick and velvety texture. Cuttings of plumeria can be taken from mature trees. For growing Hawaiian plumeria, soil must contain a Hawaiian mix of volcanic lava rock. Its flower has exotic smell. Sunshine, moisture in soil, good drainage, etc., are essential for growing this tree successfully. Leaves appear in the first year and it blossoms in second year. The plant sheds leaves every year thereafter, healthy new leaves reappear. Plumeria, which grows in Hawaii, raise up to 20 feet.

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