Types of Orchids – The Varieties of the Ornamental Plant

Because of the exotic beauty of orchid flowers, it has gained lasting popularity across nations. It generally comes in more than 20,000 different species, and have been constantly cross-bred by many gardeners thereby making another 800 new varieties in just a year.

Types of Orchids – Most Common Varieties to Choose from

One of the popular types of orchids is the Alaskan rein, which features yellow-greenish bloom and can be easily found among western countries such as Canada and Baja California. The cattleya and the vandas are some of the most common orchid species as well. The latter is normally seen in flower shops and may serve as a standard variety in growing new hybrids, while the former tends to be difficult to cultivate since it only tends to flourish in sunny areas like the Pacific Islands. The other widely held types of orchids are the horned orchid and the cymbidium. Horned orchids are considered to be one of the tallest species since it could grow as high as 20½ inches, while the cymbidium is known to be an ideal choice in enhancing patios and decks.

Dendrobium Orchids – Its Types and Basic Identification

There are 1, 200 known varieties that has been recorded under the dendrobium orchids species. These types of orchid plants are generally classified in the Orchidaceae family and are enlisted under the subspecies of Epidendroideae. These popular kinds of orchid flowers usually come in pink or purple colors as well as yellow, red, or white shades, and are generally found in Asia as well as in the South Pacific areas. Dendrobium orchids can thrive in low-lying areas, tropical climates, and even in cool mountain ranges such as the Himalaya. Aside from that, it is also a type of orchid that can grow in light-filled ledges at home as well as beneath high-powered lamps.

Moth Orchid – A Brief Overview of the Phalaenopsis

The phalaenopsis or moth orchid is another variety of Orchidaceae family, which generally features thick and leathery leaves as well as loose clusters of blossoms. This species are mostly epiphytic orchids, which are slow-growing and monopodial. It has approximately 35 different varieties and several hundreds of new hybrids. The flowers of the moth orchid are large and its petals typically come in white, pink, cream or lavender colors. This type of orchid flower has lengthy, sensitive roots and could be easily grown indoors. It thrives very well in warm temperatures such as 65-degree Fahrenheit during night time and up to 75 or 80-degree Fahrenheit in day time. Shaded surroundings are excellent for phalaenopsis orchids.

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