Uses of Aloe Vera – Exploring the Many Benefits of the Wonder Herb

Aloe Vera is a herbaceous cactus-like plant that has been used for its medicinal properties for more than 6000 years. There are many uses of this plant and today you can buy aloe vera in the form of gels, pastes, creams and in cosmetic products.

Uses of Aloe Vera – Astonishing Properties

For thousands of years, the aloe vera plant was used by ancient Greeks and Egyptians to treat wounds and infections, cure burns and blisters and much more. The uses of aloe vera are many and it is today highly incorporated into cosmetic and personal care products. The part of the plant that’s most useful is its jelly-like juices inside. This gel is used in numerous products, or even simply applied for better skin, hair, etc. Aloe gel is great to soothe various skin ailments, bites or rashes, fungal and bacterial infections, stomach problems, allergies, etc. Apart from these uses of aloe vera, it can also be used as oral medication against indigestion, intestinal worms, liver problems, stomach ulcers, colic pains, etc. Latest research has shown that various Cancer Research centers have begun including aloe in cancer medication, as the plant’s properties have apparently helped to activate white blood cells and promote the growth of good non-cancerous cells.

Aloe Vera For Hair – Strong and Shiny Tresses

The best way to deal with hair loss and other problems is to use aloe vera for hair. And though many products in the marketplace promise to contain aloe, their effects are minimal or none at all. Regular usage of the aloe vera gel or product will stop hair fall, promote new growth of hair and give shine to dull, dank hair. Applying aloe gel on bald spots will renew growth of hair on those areas effectively. Aloe vera has Vitamin E, Keratin and panthenol that helps to condition your hair, making it shine. Another great reason to use aloe vera for hair is that it gives nutrition to your hair roots, strengthens the cells and adds extra protein to your hair. Massaging warm oil and aloe gel will be a good way to treat the scalp, especially if you have damaged or dry hair. Mix aloe vera gel with your shampoo and use this combined mixture for stopping alopecia also. Using aloe vera with or without your shampoo will also stimulate hair growth and control hair fall to a large degree.

Aloe Vera For Skin – Solve Skin Problems

Using aloe vera for skin treatment is perhaps practiced the most because of its ability to nourish skin, by penetrating deep into skin, retaining moisture and keeping it healthy and supple. Not to mention that applying aloe gel is the best way to stop acne, reduce scars and lividity, blemishes and other marks like sun spots, age lines, etc. Aloe vera is an essential ingredient in many beauty products and creams because of its ability to moisturize skin by supplying the required levels of oxygen and getting rid of dead skin cells. Some people even use the inside of the aloe plant after removing the gel, as a facial scrub. Today you can avail yourself to the aloe vera juices, that are immensely beneficial for the entire body, and you don’t even have to go through the rigors of applying creams, gels, shampoos or other materials, and yet be blessed with healthy skin and healthy body.

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