Benefits of Figs – Helps to Pep Up Your Health Quotient

A number of health benefits can be obtained from fig because of its abundance on certain vitamins like A, B1, and B2; minerals such as calcium, iron, and manganese; and fibrous properties. These compounds tend to treat numerous health problems like indigestion, constipation, asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, and even sexual weakness.

Benefits of Figs – Nutritional Advantage from Fig Consumption

Figs are rich in potassium, which helps in regulating blood pressure in the body. It also is abundant in dietary fibers, which facilitates in effective weight management, as well as calcium which prevents thinning of bones and promotes its density. Other benefits of figs include deterrence of sleep disorders like insomnia, anemia, and chronic constipation problems.Furthermore, benefits of figs also involve reduction of risk for breast cancer, insulin intakes among diabetic patients, as well as levels of cholesterol in the body. Other advantages that can also be gained from figs are elimination of abscesses, boils, and other inflammations; cure for acne and pimples; clearing of bronchial passageways; and can also serve as a memory booster.

Figs Nutrition – Dietary Facts and Values

The 15-percent daily recommended dosage of potassium can be provided by every 8 ounce regular serving of figs. It is already an ample amount to help the body maintain a lower level of blood pressure. Another fact regarding figs nutrition states that for every serving of 8 ounce of fig, 30 percent of fiber can readily be acquired for a recommended consumption every day.Other figs nutrition dietary values include the intake of 79mg of the calcium mineral, which is just ideal to improve bone density, as well as the consumption of 15-percent manganese element as obtained from the same amount of fig serving. Finally, the calorie content that can be acquired for every standard serving of 8 ounce fig is 167. It is an amount just enough to offer energy for everyday activities and not excessive for the person at the average condition.

Figs Health Benefits – Other Valuable Effects

Aside from the figs’ capacity to prevent constipation and other digestive problems, the fibrous properties also contribute in reducing weight. Moreover, it could not only lessen the risk of breast cancer but of the colon malignancy as well. Because of the fatty acids, dangers on acquiring coronary heart diseases can also be prevented, just as hypertension may be further addressed due to the figs’ high levels of potassium contents. Figs health benefits also include relief from throat problems, enhancement of sexual power regardless of aging, as well as the strengthening of bones as contributed by its high calcium contents. Finally, vision loss among older people as caused by macular degeneration may also be avoided.

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