Vegan Shopping – A buying Guide for the Ethical Vegetarian

A gamut of vegan product choices are offered by vegan stores. While shopping in these stores, the nutritional aspect is not compromised. What’s more, vegan shopping is ethically superior too.

Vegan Shopping – For an Ethical Shopping Experience

Since all major supermarkets are flooded with dairy products and meat products, vegan shopping may be difficult as you cannot buy a packet of milk also. Vegans are animal friendly and prefer to do cruelty free shopping. In some grocery shops, especially in areas of frozen food, refrigerated sections and dairy sections, you can find vegan food products. Soy or oat milk, tofu soy cheese, soy yogurt, tofu pups and Vegenaise Mayonnaise are some of the sought after products you can find. You may even come across vegan ice creams. While vegan shopping, just don’t go for brands, instead look for ingredients and composition.

Vegan Store – All Natural Products

All products available are natural and organic in a vegan store. Cow’s milk is replaced by soy protein milk. Delicious crispy balls like meat or chicken balls can be shopped along with soy burger mix products. Vegan soup, vegan chocolates, sweets are also available in vegan stores. Organic Aloe Vera products like face wash; face cream, bath products, olive oil beauty products or green apple products are also available here. Moreover, faux leather products like faux leather belts, bags, footwear of wide varieties are available for vegans. Pangea vegan store offers vegan food products, vegan vitamins, vegan daily wear items like belts and bags. Vegan cheese is available here as well.

Vegan Shop – Great Brands

In these shops, products are not from an animal source. Such products are tagged with a symbol of sunflower in front of the product; a recognition given by the Vegan Society. One of the major vegan product manufacturers is Pangea Vegan Products, which has all assured vegan products from food to belt to cosmetics. Baggit, Bata, Ragesh Master Crafts carries animal friendly, cruelty free products too. From these vegan shops, a wide range of bags, belts, footwear are offered at reasonable prices. PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a vegan shop for apparel shopping. Ahimsa footwear, All Vegan, Beyond Skin, All in Harmony, Cosmmo’s Vegan Shoppe and Eko Zone are few other notable vegan shops for vegan shopping.

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