Benefits of Tea – Associated with the Various Flavors

Tea contains anti-oxidants that help the body fight the free-radicals that harm the good cells in our system. As such, drinking tea is one of the best ways to maintain good health.

Benefits of Tea – Health and Wellness

With various studies and researches made regarding the benefits of tea, it has been proven that drinking tea can prevent many diseases. Among the many benefits of tea, the most popular is the relaxing effect that it provides; it removes stress and calms the senses. While it relaxes the mind, it also makes the body healthy. Based on various researches, aside from the tremendous amount of anti-oxidants that tea contains, different kinds of teas have different health benefits. Black tea, for instance, aids in preventing heart diseases as it lowers down the cholesterol level of the body. It is also believed that it fights prostate cancer. Green tea can help prevent many diseases, including hypertension, different forms of cancer, heart ailments and Leukaemia. It can also help in weight reduction and it reduces the allergic reactions of the body to some allergens. Oolong Tea also fights hypertension and is known to slow down aging. While there are still countless kinds of teas that have many benefits, you can actually name a disease and there would be a tea that can help you cure it.

Tea Nutrition Facts – Drinkable Vegetable

Teas are practically like vegetables. Since teas are basically leaves extract, the tea nutrition facts will generally consist of nutrients coming from leaves. However, these leaves does not have the vitamins and minerals normally available in many vegetables, the similarity is basically with regard to the phytochemicals both these leaves and vegetables have. While teas are extracted from different leaves, the tea nutrition facts may slightly differ depending on the nutrients found in each leaf. Red tea for example is rich in minerals like iron and copper; it is actually one of the best sources of zinc. It also has isoflavones that helps in maintaining bone mineral density. Yerba Mate has also lavish supply of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Calories in Tea – Purest Beverage Next to Water

If you are wondering if there are any calories in tea, it was proven that the tea has no calorie. Whereas a lot of nutritional information about tea claims that it has zero calories, rest assured that if there are any, the maximum will probably be around two to five calories per six ounce servings only. Normally, the calorie will come from the sweeteners or other herbs and spices that were mixed with the tea during preparation or while brewing. If you add sugar and other forms of flavourings prior to drinking it, it is expected that the calorie content will increase.

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