Brown Rice Nutrition – An Analysis of the Nutritional Benefits

Brown rice is a common staple food and it pairs well with almost all vegetables, seafood, beef, chicken, beef etc. Besides culinary simplicity and versatility, its nutritional benefits are worth considering for including this rice variety in regular diet.

Brown Rice Nutrition – Interesting Details

Millions of people around the world consume brown rice as a staple food. Besides its tasty and digestive qualities, brown rice nutrition potential is a vital reason of considering it as one of the prime health friendly foods in rice category. According to nutrition data, each cup of brown rice contains 216.45 calories and it is a first-rate source of manganese, selenium, phosphorous, and magnesium, respectively. One cup or 195 grams of brown rice contains protein 10.06%, carbohydrates 14.92%, and dietary fiber 14.04%, respectively. Brown rice contains good amount of vitamin-B, which includes riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine, etc. According to dietitians and culinary experts, brown rice nutrition largely depends on its cooking method, for example, cooking brown rice in excess water may hamper its nutrition potential.

Calories in Brown Rice – Measuring Info

Different varieties of brown rice are available in market, and surprisingly, the amount of calories in brown rice strictly depends on its category. For example,Organic brown rice releases 160 calories against per cup uncooked rice.If calorie content of medium grain brown rice is calculated in its raw condition, it is 103 calorie/1oz [28gCalorie content in long-grain, cooked brown rice is 31 calories/1 oz [28g]1-cup long grain, raw brown rice generates 104 calorie.Brown Rice Sushi/per serving generates 190 calorieBrown Rice Sushi Roll California Tjs/per serving releases 140 caloriePlain rice cake made of brown rice [1 oz] generates 110 calories.Brown rice Pilaf releases 230 calorie/per standard plate.As the count of calories in brown rice differs from one variety to another, it is wise to check calorie counter before purchasing brown rice from shops.

Brown Rice Nutrition Facts – Analytical Aspects

If brown rice nutrition facts are evaluated, this variety of rice will appear as vastly superior to white rice variety. Apart from its rich calorie content,brown rice includes 4.5g of fiber and negligible amount of sugar/per cup basis1 cup/28g brown rice holds 160 calorie and these calories are generated from 2.5g fat, protein 5g, and 45g carbohydrate, etc.due to its dietary fiber content, brown rice works as excellent filler food, which controls hunger pang with natural effect. Because of its filler quality, almost all healthy diet plans recommend moderate consumption of brown rice.regular consumption of brown rice helps in lowering bad cholesterol.according to brown rice nutrition facts, its consumption is healthy for maintaining sound health for hair, teeth, muscles, nails, and bones.

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